30 Most Depressing Movies

Strife, sorrow and spoilers...

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    • Gruffalo

      Nov 16th 2010, 10:01

      Good list... Silent Running is another that's lacking in the chuckle department.

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    • cleanbreak

      Nov 16th 2010, 12:29

      Plague dogs did it for me, didn't they even cut out that happy ending from the book to finish on a more "drowny" ending?

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    • gonzoBen

      Nov 16th 2010, 12:59

      Kitanos' 'Brother' has a particulary bleak ending.

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    • AlexMarks1

      Nov 16th 2010, 14:47

      Where, the hell, is glory?!

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    • AlexMarks1

      Nov 16th 2010, 14:48

      Where, the hell, is glory?!

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Nov 16th 2010, 14:56

      Marley & Me Just for the fact that I watched it

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    • Lown74

      Nov 16th 2010, 15:23

      How about Breaking the Waves, Se7en, A serbian film, Funny games (both versions) oh and any of the wayans brothers movies - how did they get the financial backing....

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    • ChrisWootton

      Nov 16th 2010, 16:39

      Good call on Breaking the Waves but it does have a happy ending. Most of Haneke's stuff is pretty bleak, Fox and the Hound depresses me every time i see it..

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    • QueenPhez

      Nov 16th 2010, 17:12

      Into The Wild should be on there - kind of depressing that he goes and poisons himself by accident and dies at the end

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    • CBrun

      Nov 16th 2010, 21:35

      C'mon... where's The Green Mile?

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 17th 2010, 0:26

      What about Phantom Menace? Millions waited 16 years for...jar-jar binks. If that isnt depressing i dunno what is.. Oh and Watership Down..

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    • jollieoldtime

      Nov 17th 2010, 0:28

      Schindler's List and Umberto D. They kill me. Kill me!

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    • bluesborn

      Nov 17th 2010, 3:59

      One of the most depressing films I know of is the 1971 British minor masterpiece 10 Rillington Place starring John Hurt and Richard Attenborough.Truly harrowing,bleak and brilliant.

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    • mitchsn

      Nov 17th 2010, 4:07

      RE: Graveyard of the Fireflies. You want to be even more depressed? The writer of this story admitted that its semi-autobiographical. ie. He himself survived the firebombing of Tokyo during WW2 and had a similar experience trying to survive while caring for his younger sister who did not survive. Ive seen this movie once in the theater when it was released. Ive never seen it since. Thank God it was playing as a double feature with Tonari no Totoro otherwise i would have slit my wrists.

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    • sampout

      Nov 17th 2010, 13:41

      I can't believe pay it forward isn't on there. Yes it has a positive message but the sucker punch is truly depressing and confirms that life definatly isn't fair!

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    • mingfilm

      Nov 17th 2010, 14:19

      It's Wednesday (in the states) and I'm still depressed about this list. These are movies I never want to see (though I have some). I want to go to the movies to cheer the fk up.

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    • robm30

      Nov 20th 2010, 9:36

      what about boys dont cry! seriously me and some mates watch this (after playing dvd roulette) and the room got very smoky and incredibly dusty as we all had something in our eyes at the end!

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    • allykatharvey

      Nov 22nd 2010, 18:07

      Good List! But "I've Waited For You So Long" the Kristin Scott Thomas award winning French misery-maker isn't there. "The English Patient" isn't a lot of laughs either. (In the cinema I watched it, someone said "Pooh!" as he carried her days old corpse out into the desert sun. Giggles all round!)

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    • ziekhodge

      Aug 30th 2013, 6:55

      mary and max, boys dont cry, on the doll, mask, kids, seven pounds, men behind the sun, a serbian film, life and death of a porno gang, apocalypse now. good list but i thought these were fitting too

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    • philgolub

      Dec 27th 2013, 13:35

      Come on..... Eden Lake! It just doesn't get much more depressing than that.

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    • timraths

      Jun 27th 2014, 6:31

      I can't believe there's no mention of United 93 either.

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