30 Movie Scripts Written By Authors

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    • gambit21

      Nov 13th 2013, 7:16

      No mention of Where Eagles Dare? Screenplay and novel written at the same time by Alistair Maclean

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 13th 2013, 19:22

      'Hellraiser' was adapted and directed by Clive Barker from his own novella 'Hellbound Heart'.

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    • krowe

      Nov 15th 2013, 14:16

      Interesting article. And there are those of us who are still trying to bridge that river. I have 10 novels published and an still trying to refine my screenwriting skills. I applaud those who have been able to enjoy a dual career.

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    • zirrassefisu

      Nov 17th 2013, 2:54

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