30 Movies You Didn't Know Were Comics

Origins of the secret comic book films.

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    • vsark

      Sep 3rd 2013, 12:09

      Awesome 30.......:))

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    • SiMan

      Sep 3rd 2013, 12:55

      Can you really count Oblivion if it was never published?

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    • FBIBarba

      Sep 3rd 2013, 15:22

      Ghost World is considered by many, one of the best comic books adaptations ever. Most of its cult following is because everybody knows is based on a comic book.

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    • NathDyl

      Sep 4th 2013, 7:59

      I am not a comic book fan but even I knew From Hell was adapted from Alan Moore's work.

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    • FBGKennelly

      Sep 4th 2013, 22:06

      Denise Mina made two graphic novels of 'the girl wth the dragon tatoo'. if you love the noomi rapace and rooney mara versions.. you will love them too

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    • zachjansen

      Sep 5th 2013, 16:45

      Well, I must be a f*****g genius, because I knew all of these were based upon comcs. Another headline fail by Total Film.

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    • dustroom

      Sep 6th 2013, 18:15

      Have to agree with SiMan - if it isn't published then surely it can't count? That's like saying Citizen Kane was based on a comic book.... but it wasn't published. Honest it was. Prove me wrong :-) But despite knowing most of them, I had no idea Addams Family was originally a comic book!

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