30 Reused Movie Props

Recycled thingamajigs and repurposed whatchamacallits

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    • Bandit1

      Sep 5th 2013, 9:38

      That was a fun list. Never knew about "Mr. Fusion". One I would add: There's an X-Wing as part of the spaceship in "Event Horizon". Wouldn't mind to see more entries....

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 5th 2013, 10:01

      I suppose you could include the Wilhelm scream as most recycled cinematic device.

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    • minorityreport

      Sep 5th 2013, 13:26

      Aren't those dental tools used in David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, too?

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    • zachjansen

      Sep 5th 2013, 16:54

      For #13, there is no up or down in space.

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    • smellyhands

      Sep 5th 2013, 17:09

      Straight away you can tell that the minigun from Predator is different from Terminator 2. Handle on top is at a different 90 degree angle and there is either an underslung or extra grip on the Predator minigun. If its been modified it isnt the same prop.

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    • nostrebornod

      Sep 5th 2013, 20:57

      Some of these I knew, some I did not. Very enjoyable list!

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    • FBGSalkeld

      Sep 6th 2013, 8:07

      "A flying car"? That'll be a Spinner, then. And the one in BTTF2 looks nothing like the one in Blade Runner!

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    • ebyandsmartie

      Sep 6th 2013, 10:46

      The Blade Runner 'Spinner' can be seen in 'Solider' with Kurt Russel, a scrapped one. Also used in Trancers, Solar Crisis and see link for better picture of Spinner in BTTF2 media.bladezone com/contents/film/production/props/spinner/index2.html

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    • TheShamrock

      Sep 6th 2013, 16:13

      Wasn't the Millenium Falcon used in Blade Runner, stood upright as a building?

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    • andienelson

      Sep 6th 2013, 17:11

      Arnie's gun is clearly a different one - the handles at a different angle by 90degrees for a start.

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    • lebrainboy

      Sep 6th 2013, 17:19

      minorityreport is correct..., the dental tools are from DEAD RINGERS' "background" surgeon's tools. The Cronenberg-esque anthropomorphic surgeon's tools were front and center in his film, naturally, but the saw-like tool was an instrument tray "filler."

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    • MRNasher

      Sep 7th 2013, 14:07

      Nice list! A bit shaky around the middle with the pictures but good work. I'll also add Robby the Robot was used in an episode of Columbo... and a smattering of other cool shows going by the wikipedia page.

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    • jean63099048

      Sep 17th 2013, 1:06

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