30 Unrecognisable Movie Star Transformations

Guess who…



    • md340

      Nov 26th 2013, 9:29

      What about Eddie Murphy for Coming To America?

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    • liamscott

      Nov 26th 2013, 12:42

      The majority of these I wouldn't consider as unrecognisable

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    • JamesTKD

      Nov 26th 2013, 12:53

      Tom Hardy deserves several mentions - Bronson ? Bane ?

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    • razvandragu

      Nov 26th 2013, 12:58

      Ryan Reynolds didn't play Deadpool. He played Wade Wilson. Deadpool/Weapon XI was played by Scott Adkins.

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    • Jareth64

      Nov 26th 2013, 13:04

      How about John Hurt in Watership Down? He looks like a rabbit - remarkable transformance!

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    • ericwillard

      Nov 26th 2013, 13:57

      Razvadragu is absolutely right. How can you be a film magazine and NOT know that Deadpool (Weapon XI) wasn't played by Ryan Reynolds. They switched to Scott Adkins.

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    • QuietLife

      Nov 26th 2013, 14:06

      @razvandragu/ericwillard - According to sources Reynolds did play Weapon XI for close-ups with Adkins mainly used for the stuntwork - marvel-movies.wikia /wiki/Wade_Wilson

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    • julianplowden

      Nov 26th 2013, 14:11

      Why is 50 cent called a "wannabe actor"? That's some really disrespectful s**t to put on here considering the multitude of celebrities that cross different forms of entertainment now. I had to comment because that's the first time I've seen something so disrespectful on here.

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    • laurenconrad

      Nov 26th 2013, 14:18

      >Matthew McConaughey lost 38lbs, rank 2 >Christan Bale lost 62lbs, rank 6 ???

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    • andrewspence

      Nov 26th 2013, 14:20

      But the "Transformed" Ryan Reynolds was played by another actor entirely.

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    • DravenCage

      Nov 26th 2013, 19:27

      Ryan Reynolds played Weapon XI also, with Scott Adkins doing the more complicated stunt-work only. "Ryan Reynolds portrays Weapon XI for close-ups, standing shots, and simple stunts while Scott Adkins is used for the more complicated and dangerous stunt work" - Wiki (via an interview of Reynolds himself).

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    • DravenCage

      Nov 26th 2013, 19:38

      From IMDb - "Weapon XI is portrayed by two actors, Ryan Reynolds and Scott Adkins. Reynolds portrays Wade Wilson/Weapon XI for close-up/standing shots and simple stunts and Adkins handles the more complicated and dangerous fights in the final battle. "

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    • SiMan

      Nov 26th 2013, 19:45

      Hows about Frank Langella - Masters of the Universe? Took me years to find it that it was him

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    • FBSSumaric

      Nov 26th 2013, 23:10

      or edward norton in kingdom of heaven??

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    • Toursiveu

      Nov 26th 2013, 23:23

      One huge omission is Jon Voight buried in prosthetics for his role as Howard Cosell in Ali... He's more unrecognisable than Mariah Carey not washing her hair or Matt Damon putting on a 'stache. Voight was even Oscar nominated for his part!

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    • FBMMays12

      Nov 27th 2013, 0:03

      Actually, Scott Atkins played the transformed Deadpool, not Ryan Reynolds.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 27th 2013, 0:46

      Bill Pullman turns into Balthazar Getty in Lost Highway. He wins the prize.

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    • QuietLife

      Nov 27th 2013, 8:54

      Please can people stop bringing up the Ryan Reynolds thing!? Read previous posts and you'll see that you're (partially) wrong!

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    • ElaineSP

      Nov 29th 2013, 16:28

      So Matt Damon puts on a moustache and then suddenly he's unrecognisable? Who post this, Lois Lane?

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      Dec 1st 2013, 17:53

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    • professore59

      Dec 3rd 2013, 9:14

      Matt Damon is Matt Damon with glasses. Are you kidding me? In this list of otherwise great transformations?

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