5 Movie Bookmarks For Your New Laptop

The first five film sites you need to visit...

If you’ve just unwrapped a shiny new knee-computer, you'll be wanting to rack up a few quick film bookmarks. After you've added totalfilm.com, here's the next five you should tick off...


The first stop site for all movie lovers, but beware – you can get lost in the imdb’s archives.

Whether you’re looking up trivia for your favourite film, browsing the biographies of your heroes, or simply finding out what users think are the worst films of all time, you can waste hours on the imdb. Which is a good thing on Christmas Day when your nan is asking you about your love-life for the 58th time.

Link: us.imdb.com

Ain’t It Cool News

If you want to know what the fanboys are thinking, then you should head to Ain’t It Cool News.

AICN’s talkbacks are home to some of the most passionate comments on the internet. Fight your way through the insults and there's plenty of smart insight into all the latest geek-culture artifacts. Perfect for outsmarting your aloof cousin when he starts banging on about Wolverine.

Link: www.aintitcool.com



Funny, insightful film news, a packed video section and an eye for the ladies… Hmm, I wonder why we like JoBlo so much? Here's a picture of Mr JoBlo himself, looking a bit like a San Fernando Valley DVD production company owner sometime in 2003.

Link: www.joblo.com


Dark Horizons

With a knack for uncovering scoops on film blogs that no-one else has noticed, Dark Horizons should be your first stop after you leave totalfilm.com. If we haven’t spotted a film story, chances are Dark Horizons have. Ideal if you want to sound clever when your dad asks the inevitable, post-dinner silence-breaking question: "So, what films are going to be good next year?"

Link: www.darkhorizons.com


Funny Or Die

It might not seem like a movie website at first glance, but Funny Or Die is full of movie parodies and even movie stars making exclusive, laugh-out-loud shorts. Perfect for getting over the post-Christmas blues.

Link: www.funnyordie.com


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