50 Astonishing Movie Mockbusters

Cheap, cheesy knock-offs made on bargain-bin budgets

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    • FilmFlamFan

      Jul 12th 2013, 12:09

      SYFI channel have a LOT to answer for.

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    • ignaciobalbuena

      Jul 12th 2013, 14:38

      Lance Henriksen is featured twice in this list? when did exactly lose his dignity like this? Is he in every piece of c**p released to dvd? Like Hellraiser 8, cyberworld or whatever. Jesus.

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    • markchappell

      Jul 12th 2013, 15:13

      alot of these films are done by shane van dyke??

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    • aquamanH2O

      Jul 12th 2013, 16:24

      what about 'the black bat rises' by scott patrick??

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 12th 2013, 16:25

      @ignaciobalbuena Spare a thought for the once great John Heard, who turns up in ...SHARKNADO!

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    • HonorKnight

      Jul 12th 2013, 18:28

      Not surprisingly, we covered two of these horrible films on our Soiled Restroom Cinema podcast. I have no doubt we'll cover even more of them. Go check us out at Signals Of Fury (dot com)! :)

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    • FBIBarba

      Jul 12th 2013, 19:21

      I will watch any of these bad copies over the originals, anytime.

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    • charlist15

      Jul 14th 2013, 17:41

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 16th 2013, 8:29

      I have a feeling despite being released earlier (March 2010), '6 guns' was a spoiler for the Coens 'True Grit' remake which has a similar plot and was known to be in production around 2009.

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    • chibik

      Jul 17th 2013, 11:45

      Those damn androids...

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