50 Best Movie Screenplays

Sizzling scripts that leapt from page to screen



    • brandocervera

      Sep 30th 2013, 12:45

      good list, lord of the rings should be #1 though

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    • dangoodfellow

      Sep 30th 2013, 13:27

      yeah, good list, but couldn't disagree more with LOTRs inclusion. Jackson and co had very little grasp of Tolkiens story, especially the butchering of Aragorns plotline, arguably the biggest and most important part of the overall narrative. Looks like he's headed the same way with the Hobbit too unfortunaetly.

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    • matthewjeffs

      Sep 30th 2013, 13:58

      In bruge's most quotable line, I think you will find is, 'How can he not F****** like bruge? It's like a f****** fairy tale.'

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    • DravenCage

      Sep 30th 2013, 22:52

      In Bruge is littered with amazing lines. My personal favourite is "you're an inanimate f*cking object".

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    • iggy3

      Oct 1st 2013, 5:45

      Can't believe Vertigo is not on the list

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    • neilgray

      Oct 1st 2013, 11:16

      How is there no Kevin Smith on this list? Clerks or Chasing Amy should definitely be here. In Bruges should be higher too. Interesting list though.

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    • Falstaff1

      Oct 1st 2013, 14:05

      My list would include and exclude. I didn't see Psycho on this.!!!

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    • jedithegeek

      Oct 3rd 2013, 19:59

      Almost famous? Lost in translation? Fargo? Dog day afternoon? Magnolia? the list goes on, but lets just enjoy more In Bruges... My favourite line, and just how softly Gleeson delivers.. 'Harry, let's face it. And I'm not being funny. I mean no disrespect, but you're a c**t. You're a c**t now, and you've always been a c**t. And the only thing that's going to change is that you're going to be an even bigger c**t. Maybe have some more c**t kids'

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    • sophiajendrock

      Oct 3rd 2013, 21:24

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    • jimvalko

      Jul 5th 2014, 11:46

      " I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability." I would put this in the top ten.

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