50 Greatest 2013 Movie Villains

It's good to be bad...

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    • danieljackson

      Dec 19th 2013, 8:36

      Are you serious Total Film. The Viper better than Kruger, what is The Viper even doing on this list she is the worst villain I have seen this year.

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    • ThePuk

      Dec 19th 2013, 9:19

      Also, Bill Paxton plays the CIA not the Druglord :) Happy Christmas!

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    • donnamkillian

      Dec 19th 2013, 10:30

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    • rubywinchester8

      Dec 19th 2013, 11:05

      Smaug should be at number 1! I love Loki and all but Smaug is way more a villain! Loki should be at second! even though i think Iron Man´s villain was more a villain than Loki....

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    • freeloki

      Dec 19th 2013, 15:35

      Not tired of watching Tom bring Loki to life in the most delectably mischievous ways??? Neither are we nor are over 44,000 others. If you haven't signed the Free Loki petition, urging Marvel to consider a solo Loki film, no time like the present. The campaign has been featured in major publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, The Guardian, etc. and has been discussed by Kevin Feige and Tom Hiddleston during the Thor: The Dark World press tour. Can't link the petition, but find us on Twitter at Free_Loki or Facebook at freelokigroup.

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    • barryc

      Dec 19th 2013, 20:52

      How on earth is Loki number 1?? He didn't even have a major part and wasn't the main antogonist in Thor 2. To have him ahead of Michael Shannon as Zod or Cumberbatch as Harrison in Trek is just ridiculous. I bet if you asked 99% of movie goers what they thought of Aldrich Killian they'd look at you and ask, who? Seriously, as a villain, the bad guy from the awful Iron Man 3 move gets voted ahead of Smaug the most powerful and threatening dragon in movie/fantasy history ? Total Film, get your act together

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    • OddBall1323

      Dec 20th 2013, 3:27

      This list is such BS it's almost laughable. To have Loki #1 above someone like Edwin Epps, who has actual HISTORICAL evil behind him and is much more entrancing than the third go-around of a character quickly wearing himself down is bad, even by this website's ridiculous fanboy standards. The same goes for Shannon's Zod (Shannon's a great actor, but they really didn't give him much to work with) and Cumberbatch's Khan (who was a disappointment in every way, especially compared to Ricardo Montalban's indelible performance).

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    • Hadouken76

      Dec 20th 2013, 12:39

      May not be a movie, but the biggest sh/t of the year goes to Walder Frey. OOooh that b*stard snake of a b*stard snake!

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    • Megan221B

      Dec 28th 2013, 19:43

      I'm not going to quarrel about the list in general, but what makes you thing about Julian Assange as a villan?

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