50 Greatest '80s Movie Characters

Was this cinema's greatest decade?

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 7th 2013, 8:30

      Great list except no Predator or Hudson (Aliens)? Hmm...

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    • chibik

      Aug 7th 2013, 10:22

      Number Five!

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    • ash333

      Aug 7th 2013, 11:19

      Think it should have been Del Griffin rather than Uncle Buck

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    • imrobbyrichmond

      Aug 7th 2013, 13:13

      No Kevin Flynn = Bollocks.

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    • thelimopit

      Aug 7th 2013, 13:36

      No love for Buckaroo Banzai? He's a rock star/brain surgeon/nuclear physicist. Doesn't get more 80s than that.

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    • yamamos

      Aug 8th 2013, 4:09

      GIZMO !

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    • SiMan

      Aug 8th 2013, 13:09

      I never really saw what the fuss aboutt Fett was, even as a kid. Ok, so he's probably popular enough to be on this list, but top 10? Nah, not for me. I thought Indy was going to be numero uno, so when i saw him at number 2 i was worried what you guys had gone for, but i don't think you can really argue with your choice.

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    • Igrayne

      Aug 8th 2013, 19:49

      Never saw the attraction to Fett he does absolutely nothing except take part in a Charlie Chaplin comedy routine where he gets sucked into a pit. If he is great because of a smart helmet should Lord Helmet not be up there then or any of the Storm Trooper uniforms for that matter? Bobba Fett is just a Storm Trooper in green plus they actually made things worse by linking him to those awful prequels wherein he was only included for sad fanboy service cashin. The jet biker Storm Troopers had smart helmuts. Fett is also not the only character to challenge Vader Calrissian questions the agreement he had with Vader and Vader takes serious consideration in making sure Solo is returned to Jabba despite not needing to and yeah Jabba should have been up there. Also surely Gizmo?

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    • TheDRQ

      Aug 9th 2013, 7:58

      I won't take anything away from Falkor's serenity and pop culture importance; but I have never been able to get over how disgusting boils all over his back. When I saw it as a 5 year old, I really did think it was his innards hanging out. -- As for who I would add to the list, gotta say Gizmo and Jason Voorhies (WOAH... talk about apposite sides of the spectrum) but Jason is basically the poster child of the 80's cheesy slasher flicks.

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    • TheDRQ

      Aug 9th 2013, 7:59

      *pardon my grammar -- forgot to check it before posting*

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    • BobbyTwoTimes

      Aug 9th 2013, 9:56

      Good list so not complaining about it, but Sgt Barnes or Elias from 'Platoon' Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining', Any 'Aliens' character, Gny Sgt Hartman from 'Full Metal Jacket', McReady from 'The Thing', Raymond Babbit from 'Rain Man', Malone from 'The Untouchables'. All worthy additions.

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    • anais

      Aug 9th 2013, 17:42

      Where is Ellen Ripley?

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    • TheDRQ

      Aug 9th 2013, 20:17

      My guess as to the reason Ripley was left off the list is because she originated in Alien which came out in the 70's...sort of like how TF's favorite movie character, Darth Vader, didn't get on this list either.

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    • illkillyoulast

      Aug 10th 2013, 18:20

      sarah connor? brewster (s millions)? dan ackroyd's blues brothers character?, douglas quaid? rogger rabbit? dick jones? clarence boddicker? jonathan mardukas?

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    • Kenhom82

      Aug 12th 2013, 12:17

      Tony Montana no 25. Wtf!

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