50 Greatest Book Movie Adaptations

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    • Bandit1

      Feb 12th 2014, 7:25

      ....there has been a huge mistake: Where is "Sideways"??????? Giamatti at his best (without even being nominated for the Oscar). Great book - great film. Greatest changes: a hunting adventure with a local was cut and Maya gets paid by Jack to sleep with Miles!

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    • Jareth64

      Feb 12th 2014, 12:05

      Well Midnight Express isn't the best example. A good film, but the "adaptation" from the book is positively psychotic. It makes so many changes it's unreal, whilst making out the Turks to be perverted lunatics.

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    • Jareth64

      Feb 12th 2014, 12:11

      The Last of the Mohicans should have been on here, too. Innit. How about Sylvia Plath's The Bella Jar? Gary Sinise's Of Mice and Men. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Awakenings. Empire of the Sun. Withnail and I was also supposed to be a novel, before turning into a screenplay.

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    • sammerry

      Feb 12th 2014, 17:20

      Sorry, the greatest change from the novel in Return of the King is that Frodo and Gollum fight? Seriously? Not that the original ending from the novel is entirely missing? Not that the army of the dead is used to scour Minas Tirith instead of being released at the Stone of Erech after defeating the Corsairs? Not that Frodo decides to send Sam away, which in the novel NEVER HAPPENS?

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    • hassanaftab

      Feb 12th 2014, 18:54

      No love for the Prestige????/

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    • mrmoon0206

      Feb 13th 2014, 14:06

      There will be blood? Bit of a gaff there I think.

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    • abigail96881083

      Feb 14th 2014, 4:30

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    • Seedorf

      Feb 14th 2014, 14:40

      @sammerry. Agreed. Did TF even read the books? There much bigger changes than the ending. I'm also wondering why it is Return of the King, that has made it on to this list. Because it won eleven Oscars? RotK was the worst film and adaptation of the three. I'm not saying it's bad at all, just that Fellowship was the best adaptation of the three, and the best film.

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    • s1monb

      Feb 14th 2014, 20:05

      The biggest change from the Jurassic Park book is NOT the ages of the children. It's clearly the fact that in the book, John Hammond and Dr Ian Malcolm both die, while the lawyer Donald Gennaro and the game warden Robert Muldoon both get off the island alive.

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    • BenTramer

      Feb 14th 2014, 22:33

      Sophie's Choice was a load of old nonsense in that the Nazis wouldn't give Jews any choice in who lived or died in concentration camps. The kids were gassed immediately on arrival at Auschwitz and, as their mothers usually went insane with grief later, they sent the mothers to the gas chambers with them. The Germans were also clever in that they knew if a hysterical mother had to make the choice of which one of her kids lived or died, they could have a near-riot on their hands. So the selections were made quickly and callously to avoid all that with thorough Teutonic efficiency. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King currently holds the record for biggest Oscar sweep, after winning all 11 awards it was nominated for. A massive overreaction by the Academy. It's not even the best of the series and no classic.

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    • Filmsrock

      Feb 16th 2014, 11:44

      Where was Bridget Jones Diary on that

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    • FBYBrown

      Feb 16th 2014, 12:09

      The OTHER notable change in the movie "Misery" is that Anne takes a sledgehammer to Paul's legs. In the Novel, she chops off Paul's foot then uses a mini-torch to stop the bleeding. Then later she cuts off his thumb, only to later bring a cake with his thumb on it, telling him that if he's good, he won't have to eat the "special candle." SICK!

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    • loinjoy

      Feb 17th 2014, 1:56

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    • andydonaldson

      Feb 17th 2014, 17:09

      The Biggest change in LA Confidential is surely the bit where Dudley Smith gets killed in the motel gunfight. In the book, that takes place at the start of the novel and doesn't involve either Exley or Bud White. Oh, and Dudley's alive and well at the end of the novel.

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    • henryjr

      Feb 18th 2014, 18:04

      The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford? Gone Baby Gone? Killing Them Softly? The Prestige? The Social Network? Zodiac? 12 Years A Slave? 127 Hours?

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    • issiehill

      Mar 1st 2014, 0:01

      WHERE IS CLOUD ATLAS???? And Filth may be out of the limelight at the minute but it was definitely worth a spot!

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    • issiehill

      Mar 1st 2014, 0:02

      And Bridget Jones Diary! Just because it's a comedy doesn't mean it should be over-looked

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