50 Greatest Hitchcock Moments

All hail the Master of Suspense

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    • Chufferstud

      Feb 4th 2013, 9:04

      Rear Window is still my all time favorite film. Just an amazing example of cinema. The scene where you see Thorwald's cigarette glowing in the dark should have been included. But for the first time I don't think the infamous TF top 50 list is long enough :)

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    • nostrebornod

      Feb 4th 2013, 20:42

      For once a good list. Although I am laughing at the fact that the ending of The Birds is listed as #25 Greatest Hitchcock Moment, while it is also listed as #48 Most Illogical Movie Ending. Maybe Total Film's writers should be on the same page, or at least not make contradictory statements three days of each other.

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