50 Greatest Movie Cameos

The small roles with a huge impact

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    • Bandit1

      Jan 30th 2012, 10:57

      Ron Jeremy in "Ghostbusters"!

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    • youngnedyoung

      Jan 30th 2012, 12:50

      Ian Brown. Twiddling a magic spoon. Where is he?

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    • wheresmyfish93

      Jan 30th 2012, 13:07

      Jeremy Renner in Thor. Or maybe i'm just stuck in Avengers mode..

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    • FBCBone

      Jan 30th 2012, 13:11

      Great list but seriously needs Peter Jackson in all three of The Lord of the Rings films

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    • YorksProp

      Jan 30th 2012, 14:32

      The Anchorman scene is one of my favourites to be honest 'No commercials, no mercy!'

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    • YorksProp

      Jan 30th 2012, 14:35

      I also wish Vanilla Ice got more credit for his TMNT 2 cameo, a magic movie moment right there.

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    • Jrdnsans1792

      Jan 30th 2012, 15:34

      Christopher Walken in True Romance, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

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    • nkutzler

      Jan 30th 2012, 15:52

      I loved Iron Man 2. And SHIELD's involvement definitely fit in the Iron Man universe.

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    • marc96

      Jan 30th 2012, 17:29

      i thought bill murray inside the tree cameo in get smart was funny and theres plenty of good cameos in Fanboys

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    • durden

      Jan 30th 2012, 17:33

      there should be more hitchcock in there.maybe even more stan lee

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    • thedanieljson

      Jan 30th 2012, 17:48

      Mike Tyson in The Hangover is the worst cameo OF ALL TIME. What a hideous hideous man.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 30th 2012, 18:57

      Didn't Demi Moore turn up in Die Hard 4? Must have been 'bring your ex to work' day

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 30th 2012, 21:09

      Erm.. not to nitpick or anything TF, but the times of these comments seem a little out of synch.

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    • 2Dglasses

      Jan 31st 2012, 11:11

      kevin bacon in planes,trains and automobiles. thats what you want from a cameo, not to steal the scene for the sake of it (tyson...).

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 1st 2012, 14:46

      thanks! :D

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    • KingofSpain

      Feb 1st 2012, 22:41

      Michael Jackson in Men in Black II. Easily better than half of those on this list, for sheer surprise and also the fact that he played it totally straight.

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    • foxwelljsly

      Feb 6th 2012, 15:01

      John Waters in Woody Allen's 'Sweet and Lowdown' as a hotel owner. I'd loved to know how this came about. I wonder if it was a reward for his enormously flattering reviews of Woody's art films?

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    • arrikkos

      Jun 13th 2012, 13:03

      you always come up with great features but most of the times you dissapoint me in the first place-s. I mean, in what bizzare universe is the first place (and the hairy Cruise) better than Hitchcock, the personification of Cameo? Or Wolverine, Barrymore amd Walken?? Shame.

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    • keithtyler

      Jul 13th 2012, 22:06

      I've read three different Top Movie Cameos and not a one, disappointingly, included Rodney Dangerfield in Natural Born Killers. Honorable Mention: Steven Wright in Half-Baked. Does Chris Rock in Beverly Hills Cop count?

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    • jman500

      Jul 2nd 2013, 16:36

      in tropic thunder that wasn't a cameo

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