50 Greatest Movie Drinking Moments

Tiny tipples and epic booze-ups…

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    • scotthillier

      Nov 4th 2013, 12:18

      or if the list was right : no.1 = Airplane. Drink in the eye.

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    • DaveyMay

      Nov 4th 2013, 16:27

      Where is the shot scene in the T1tty Twister in From Dusk Till Dawn.....glaring ommission (unless I missed it, at work so had to scroll through pretty quickly) :)

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    • nostrebornod

      Nov 4th 2013, 17:19

      Granted it's not a top choice, but I always loved the scene with Danny Glover in "Silverado" where he is denied a drink. But as he is escorted out at the end of the scene he turns around and drinks a shot of whiskey, just before he willingly leaves the saloon.

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    • MormonMovieGuy

      Nov 4th 2013, 18:02

      Drunken Master 2. Greatest fight scene ever filmed at the end. Spinach is to Popeye what booze is to Jackie Chan.

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    • edfeetham

      Nov 5th 2013, 13:11

      When I think of great bar scenes I think of that lovely warm scene in The Sure Thing, where John Cusack gets drunk with the locals and sings Christmas songs. Cusack used to be such a screen presence, it saddens me to see him so bored now.

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    • RondoMachete316

      Nov 6th 2013, 13:38

      What is it with Empire and the film The shining,it's very over rated and does not hold up well today and to me it's never been scary even when I was 10/11 and watched it on VHS and its so drawn out that it just bores me to death. There are plenty better drinking scenes many on the list,Jaws and quint telling his shark story a lot better.

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    • markjohnson

      Nov 25th 2013, 19:13

      I'm kind of surprised the bar scene in "The Sure Thing" didn't make this list. Cowboy guy: "My wife took me to Paris once. Boy am I glad she's dead."

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