100 Greatest Movie Fights Of All Time

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    • Bandit1

      Mar 16th 2012, 9:05

      Some funny ones: The quick fight between Tim Robbins and M. Lawrence in "Nothing To Lose" (outside the diner). Then not a knuckle-fight but: Steve Zissou fights back in "The Life Aquatic...." and of course the Ninja-Fight at the very end of "Bowfinger"!

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Mar 16th 2012, 9:18

      Handbag ninjas from Bowfinger is brilliant. I would have had They Live at no1. It's the best movie fight ever.

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    • guybrush2304

      Mar 16th 2012, 11:09

      Buzz Lightyear v Woody in Toy Story and John Wayne v Victor McClaghlan in the Quiet Man.

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    • MikeyRix

      Mar 16th 2012, 11:28

      RE #43: The picture used is from right at the beginning of the film...where there are no trains in sight? I'm confused. Great list though.

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    • Vampyre

      Mar 16th 2012, 12:30

      Quite a good list , i must say. I was a little worried that this list like many others would not cross enough genre, but the inclusion of Warrior King, Police Story and Story of Ricky Oh were worthy additons. To be honet any fight from any tony jaa film could be in here , he's like a human highlight real, same for jackie chan really. Also its not just martial arts and action films, i think the fight from Doc Savage - man of bronze deserves a spot too. Possibly even some of the fights in Fist of the north star too (animated not live action) One thin i do notice is bruce lee - check - jackie chan - check - steven seagal - check - tony jaa - check , but no Jet Li?? not even the one from Once Upon A Time In China? Also i think some of the end fights in best of the best have some merit , going by the actors in it arent necessarily martial artists

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    • gwales

      Mar 16th 2012, 12:54

      @MiketRix It's the scene in which Bruce slips on the ice, and Ra's tells him to mind his surroundings :)

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    • FBSRoberts

      Mar 16th 2012, 13:00

      And no fight from The Princess Bride. Surely this list is incomplete.

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    • jeffamania

      Mar 16th 2012, 13:47

      guys many great fight scenes are not here scenes from 1. enter the dragan 2. fists of fury 3. kill bill - the bride vs crazy 88 4. matrix reloaded - fight against wearwolves and vampires etc 5. superman ii - superman vs 3 kyrptonian ( or superman iii - superman vs clark kent) 6. Gladiator - maximus vs the undefeated champion 7. Troy - (Archilles vs Hector) 8. The Kingdom - Jennifer Gardner vs Henceman 9. Iron Man II - Monte Carlo Scence - Iron Man vs Whiplash 10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragan - when the 2 ladies go at it. 11. Lethal Weapon 4 - Jet li takes out 3 police offices with one move 12. (not yet released but till definitely make it - Batman (Dark Knight Rises) Batman vs Bane thats my 5 cents

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    • Lagedor

      Mar 16th 2012, 16:54

      How about Real Men (1987), ritter and belushi in an alleyway scuttle with some facepainted jokers, preceded by the immortal line : "who are those clowns?" p.s. wana fide aboud it?

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    • youngnedyoung

      Mar 16th 2012, 20:17

      Oldboy at 39? Really? Had my money on that one being at least in the top 5!

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    • RubberJoshy

      Mar 16th 2012, 22:23

      No Jet-Li fights, no Drunken Master, no 8 min 6 stories of Tony Jaa in tower defiance mode... I'm not disappointed but I'm a bit surprised (I won't go mentioning light sabres either).

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    • FBAVega

      Mar 17th 2012, 4:38

      I take issue with quite a bit of this list, but one of my top concerns is no mention of the zero gravity hallway fight with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception. It was truly, creatively groundbreaking in almost every possible way. I say this as an apprentice to Panna Rittikrai, the mastermind behind the action of Tony Jaa. Speaking of which, if you think Tony Jaa is top notch, keep your eye on Marrese Crump. Dude's got big things lined up this year. Mark my words.

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    • Hadouken76

      Mar 17th 2012, 10:55

      Police Story should have been number 1, its a bone-crushing epic of flying kicks and punches. IP man "I want to fight 10 men!" Once upon a time in China - ladder fight. No Gladiator? Were you not entertained enough? WERE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

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    • Jrdnsans1792

      Mar 17th 2012, 14:24

      number 30 - her magic is so powerful she appears to be having a stroke lol

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    • andymack6

      Mar 18th 2012, 17:58

      What about the sword fight between Wesley and Inigo Montoya in Princess Bride?

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    • Giles83

      Mar 19th 2012, 12:52

      The opening sequence of Blade should made the top 50 easy!

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    • LSJShez

      Mar 22nd 2012, 22:28

      No Arnie Vs Harry and his buddies, in Total Recall. The magazine's had two greatest fight scene lists that I can remember, both great. This list is s**te. You're losing it TF!!!

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    • vanle

      Jan 26th 2013, 23:53

      Where's the scene from Forbidden Kingdom?

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    • daveroper

      Aug 2nd 2013, 8:57

      I've got a feeling Jason and the Argonauts isn't Stan Winston's finest hour. Might be Ray Harryhausen's though. TF, the proliferation of these lists on your site is bound to throw up some errors, but you really need to engage some quality control. It's just clumsy.

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    • daveroper

      Aug 2nd 2013, 9:11

      I know it's impossible to please everyone with both the content and order of so exhaustive a list, but still - Happy Gilmore above Crouching Tiger? Jeez.

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    • andrewrobbins

      Aug 2nd 2013, 9:59

      This list is a mess, great choices just the order makes no sense.

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    • Bennyj75

      Aug 2nd 2013, 12:22

      Good to see the pre-'can't be *rsed' Seagal get a mention, but surely the bar scene in Out for Justice kicks all sort of a*s over Hard to Kill.....?

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    • FBRSamra

      Aug 2nd 2013, 13:22

      Kill Bill vol 1 at 55? It deserves to be considered for number one!!

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    • Ichi1

      Aug 2nd 2013, 14:18

      Oh....I get it now. This list is meant to be a joke.

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    • dangoodfellow

      Aug 2nd 2013, 14:20

      seriously Blade Runner? deckard doesn,t win a single fight in the whole movie, despite being the only one with a gun.batty even gives the gun back to him at one point, before saving his life!. Proof, if any were needed that Deckard sure as hell ain't a Replicant. Why on earth would they make a special replicant to hunt others, but forget to give it ANY of the abilities they have, or any actual fighting ability at all. honestly, the scutters out of Red Dwarf have more fighting skills. still a good movie though.

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    • dougseidel

      Aug 2nd 2013, 14:52

      I am very disappointed with this list. For one almost none of the top 10 are good fights. Second all of the movies with real martial artists are very low on the list. Jackie Chan and Jet Li and Bruce Lee for that matter are not in the top 10? Enter the Dragon, one of the main reasons that we have fights with anything other than boxing, should be much higher on the list. The new batman movies should be off the list, because lets be honest no one watched them for the fight scenes cause they were boring. Here are a few movies that should be on the list Who Am I?, Surf Ninjas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 and 2 and TMNT, Hellboy 2, Skyfall, Hardboiled and Avengers just to name a few.

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    • matthewjeffs

      Aug 2nd 2013, 15:57

      Do you realise that you have referred to the same film with 2 different titles? 85 and 44 are the same film, The Warrior King With Tony Jaa, and neither of them are the best scene in the film, Tony vs the Capoeira guy, its the way Tony Jaa's character learns and imitates to beat him. google 'Tony Jaa - Muay Thai Vs. Lateef Crowder - Capoeira' to find it!

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    • FBCNorth

      Aug 2nd 2013, 19:54

      Batman vs Bane round 1?

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    • VjekoV88

      Aug 2nd 2013, 20:43

      skyfall had one of the best moviefights ever, the one in the building in front of all those lights

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    • barryc

      Aug 2nd 2013, 22:11

      Stopped reading at 93,, A Transformers fight ahead of Errol Flynn’s classic duel?? Seriously, HOW do you guys work for a film magazine/website???

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    • barryc

      Aug 2nd 2013, 22:14

      Oh sorry, I get it, this list is obviously meant to be a joke

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    • DravenCage

      Aug 3rd 2013, 0:01

      @Vampyre & RubberJoshy - Jet Li is in there for The One (so technically, he's in there twice). ~#87 @FBSRoberts & andymack6 - The Princess Bride is in there for the swordfight between Inigo and DPR. ~#86 @FBAVega - The zero-g fight from Inception is in there. ~#51 @Hadouken76 - Gladiator is in there. ~#69 @FBCNorth - Batman v Bane (round one) is in there. ~#73

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    • smellyhands

      Aug 3rd 2013, 11:16

      Delighted to see Top Secret in there but why isnt there any from The Fellowship of the Ring. The whole sequence leading up to and when Boromir dies. That was perfect.

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    • fatboyslick

      Aug 3rd 2013, 15:33

      Gutted there's no inclusion of the fight scenes from either Project A Part 2 or Police Story 2. Both show Jackie Chan at his best and for non-comedic purposes, particularly Police Story 2 in the kids park at final fight against the mute

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 4th 2013, 19:56


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    • Igrayne

      Aug 5th 2013, 21:18

      Do people here actually see the whole feature before making comments, there are alot of fight scenes there that people are b******g about the non inclusion of, namely The Princess Bride. Concentrate.

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    • Igrayne

      Aug 5th 2013, 21:19

      By the way Total Film, Ridley Scott has said himself he never intended Deckard to be a Nexus in Bladerunner, the man said it himself people need to live with it.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 6th 2013, 18:05

      Perhaps they can't be arsed searching through 100 pages.

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    • henryjr

      Aug 6th 2013, 20:47

      Down Terrace - Underpass stabbing, Drive - Motel room shootout/fight, Maniac - Fight at Anna's flat, A Prophet - Razor blade scene

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    • henryjr

      Aug 6th 2013, 20:51

      That bald guy in the Raiders picture looks like Tom Hardy as Charlie Bronson

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    • luismarchesi

      Nov 25th 2013, 6:01

      I don't know about you guys but I don't care about most of these action scenes, some of them are just plain boring, check this other list at madlizzard dot com instead

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    • romneyvelasco

      Mar 16th 2014, 17:57

      How about IP man, The Grand Master, James Bond movies?

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    • danielkrone

      Apr 10th 2014, 21:01

      The ending of "Rob Roy" and "Crossing the Line" seriously Army of Darkness, that scene's a cliff note. Really some good stuff here but a very lack luster list.

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