50 Greatest Movie Teams

There’s no ‘I’ in any of them…

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Nov 27th 2012, 8:38

      Alvin and the Chipmunks got a sequel but the Three Amigos never did is proof that the Devil exists. (Probably in the cat next door to me - mangy bast@rd)

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    • fletch630

      Nov 27th 2012, 8:43

      OK list but what about the mystery men, but I can't remember what film there from.

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    • Surfscoter

      Nov 27th 2012, 10:28

      Where are the Young Guns? The Breakfast Club? (Ok Emilio has his spot, but hey - is Mighty Ducks really the best way to get it?) Or how's about The Usual Suspects anyone? Slightly listless list this.

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    • Bandit1

      Nov 27th 2012, 11:08

      ....Serenity, Star Wars, Alien....but (did I miss it?) no Star Trek? Not the Original, Next-Gen or Remake???

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    • Jareth64

      Nov 27th 2012, 11:58

      Jaws, good one. But Tiger Shark, really? Apologies for being a pedantic nerd but it's a Great White.

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    • dangoodfellow

      Nov 27th 2012, 12:04

      13th warrior at 44? did you turn it off before the remaining warriors climb out from behind their defences and stand alongside their dying king in the face of thousands of really narked off ,charging bear men cavalary? watching that scene technically makes you a viking yourself! "lo there do i see my father........."

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    • hubsandspokes

      Nov 27th 2012, 12:54

      Come on TF! The group in Watchmen are called 'Minutemen' NOT Watchmen. Have you even seen it? You clearly haven't read it.

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    • grahampatrick

      Nov 27th 2012, 13:15

      How about a picture of the Wing Kong for the Wing Kong?

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 27th 2012, 13:33

      Dom's dream team from Inception, or 'The Wrong stuff' from Armageddon. Good stuff

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    • TFlo2010

      Nov 27th 2012, 13:39

      hubsandspokesNov 27th 2012, 12:54 Come on TF! The group in Watchmen are called 'Minutemen' NOT Watchmen. Have you even seen it? You clearly haven't read it. Its you that clearly hasn't read it mate! Its the previous generation of 'heros' that were the minutemen, the film and comic mainly focuses on the watchmen....hence the title

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    • dangoodfellow

      Nov 27th 2012, 14:20

      "We in this country, in this generation, are – by destiny rather than choice – the watchmen on the walls of world freedom"- from the speech JFK was going to make in Dallas before his assasination, and inspiration for Alan Moores title. The team has no name in Watchmen, because there is no team, merely a collection of individuals caught up in a chain of events , which is part of the genius of the story really. .......and relax.

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    • chrysler

      Nov 27th 2012, 21:56

      the 2nd generation of superheroes in 'watchmen' are called the crime-busters in the comic and the watchmen in the film (probably to avoid audience confusion). as this is article is about the "greatest movie teams" TF are correct. although technically the group never actually formed as a team as the comedian put ruin to the entire idea with his cinder comment, but that's neither here nor there.

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    • iceebeergeen

      Nov 28th 2012, 3:19

      No Buckaroo Banzai!? No Sandlot (again?!) C'mon people, hire real movie nerds!

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    • TheDigitalZombi

      Nov 28th 2012, 12:43

      How about Hans Gruber's team from Die Hard? How many people tec***cally constitutes a team anyway? You could put in The Terminator, Sarah Connor, John Connor and Miles Dyson from T2. Or the Cenobites from Hellraiser. Or Roger, Peter, Fran and Stephen from Dawn of the Dead (1978).

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    • TheDigitalZombi

      Nov 28th 2012, 12:45

      You censored the 'hnic' in t-e-c-h-n-i-c-a-l-l-y? Is that some new swearword I don't know about? Jesus tittyf*****g christ!

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    • andydonaldson

      Dec 1st 2012, 20:12

      The Charlestown Chiefs... Those guys are a f-ing disgrace.

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