50 Greatest Star Wars Scenes

From a galaxy far, far away...

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Feb 17th 2012, 9:05

      Is there a new Star Wars film out or something...

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    • ChrisWootton

      Feb 17th 2012, 9:15

      "execute order 66..." because "6" doesn't sound evil enough and "666" is too obvious. Nice writing George.

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    • Bandit1

      Feb 17th 2012, 16:05

      How about the tragic death of Porkins (yes...the fat X-Wing pilot)??? He deserves to be here....a guy that gets more sympathy in three seconds than Luke in three movies....

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    • FBKParsee

      Feb 17th 2012, 17:49

      Quite sure Vader's Star Destroyer is the Executor...

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    • MrScary

      Feb 17th 2012, 18:20

      Lots of good scenes, but completely in the wrong order. The pod race over Anakin turning to Vader? I think not. The two scenes out of all of them that made me go "Oh $h1te" in the theatre were the 1st appearance of Vader in A New Hope and "I am your father" in Empire. Two of the most iconic moments in all of film history,

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 17th 2012, 22:55

      Come on, the Prequels will always be sh/tt now and beyond the time the sun burns out and the world becomes a darkened frozen rock floating in space.

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    • StevePotter

      Feb 18th 2012, 6:44

      Nice to see the prequels actually getting some respect for once. Personally, I'd say "Attack of the Clones" is far worse than "The Phantom Menace", but to each his own.

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    • Indianabones

      Feb 19th 2012, 15:14

      @steve Potter, Completely agree with you, Attack of the clones is by far the worst, least the Phantom Menace has Darth Maul (end fight and a decent baddie) as well as the pod race, I can't honestly think of one redeeming feature...... maybe the noise that Obi Wans ship makes when firing those bomb type things! (sorry I've only watched that movie once as it was so bad. I just wish they done 3 with Vader and the Emperor hunting down the Jedi's and killing them all (apart from two twins ;) then end fight with Obi and not that stupid Yoda giving us a quick explanation, on top Jango Fett should be burnt alive! Pointless character and completely ruined the coolness Boba had in the originals

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    • Ichi1

      Feb 19th 2012, 20:34

      Yike...obviously the king of cinema and not games. Knights of the Old Republic doesn't even rank as decent? Any credibilty you may have had in regards to games just blew up like the Death Star and you sound like you are talking out of your sarlacc pit. Seriously...KOTOR not even decent huh?

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 19th 2012, 21:26

      *ahem* X-wing Alliance..

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    • stonedjohn

      Feb 20th 2012, 15:20

      Oh my god...can't believe I'm being geeky enough to write this, but number 49 "There’s no end to Vader’s evil, and this is just one example of how far he’s willing to go in order to acquire information." They didn't ask any questions! The torture was simply so Luke would see it via the force and rush to the rescue/trap!!

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    • 2Dglasses

      Feb 21st 2012, 12:55

      X wing vs tie fighter, Alliance+ jedi knight 1&2 were all decent (even dark forces 1 was playable). Jedi knight 2 had the real billy d williams and i loved the first one with its FMV. No room in the top 50 for the obi-wan vs vader fight from Ep 4? below ackbar saying "its a trap!"

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    • hendrixisgod777

      Apr 1st 2012, 9:30

      Does anyone else think that the Jedi got what they deserved in episode 3, particularly Mace Windu? In eps 1 and 2 I thought they came across as pompous jerks and always treated Anakin like the waterboy.

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      May 5th 2013, 15:29

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    • ascohen01

      May 7th 2013, 10:41

      Errrrrrr - Where the hell is 'Your all clear kid, now lets blow this thing and go home !!!'

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