50 Greatest Tim Burton Characters

A Celebration of the weird and wonderful



    • Hadouken76

      Oct 16th 2012, 8:59

      Don't you mean 'characters from Tim Burton movies?' I'm pretty sure 3/4 of his output consists of adapting someone elses work.

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    • Toursiveu

      Oct 16th 2012, 10:59

      Too much "Corpse Bride", not enough "Mars Attacks!" / "Ed Wood". One of the funniest characters in Burton's oeuvre is Bunny Breckinridge, Bill Murray in Ed Wood! Lisa Marie as Vampira and Pierce Brosnan in Mars Attacks! also deserve a mention...

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    • SiMan

      Oct 16th 2012, 13:09

      It is interesting that there are 3 Batman villains on here, but not the Bat himself. When you look back at the Burton Bat-films you realise he doesn't actually focus on the hero himself much. I wonder if he had been given the franchise 8 or so years later, would he have cast Johnny Depp in one of the roles?

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    • jamesmcguirk21

      Oct 17th 2012, 18:16

      The Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter list + animated friends.

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    • SDHoneymonster

      Oct 17th 2012, 22:12

      I'd have Centipede from James And The Giant Peach on there, quite high up. Agree that Ed Wood is under-represented too!

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    • nathanforester

      Oct 30th 2012, 0:36

      If Adam and Barbara are on this list, then BJ himself should be on this list. And Otho as well, since well...Otho is played by Glenn Shadix who also voiced the Mayor.

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