50 Movie Endings You've Never Seen

How your favourite movies nearly ended



    • 1048jack

      May 30th 2013, 8:08

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    • marc96

      May 30th 2013, 8:16

      I preferred the directors cut version of Butterfly effect than the lame cop out they used

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    • thedanieljson

      May 30th 2013, 9:09

      Is the Titanic one real!?! It sounds incredible.

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    • TheDigitalZombi

      May 30th 2013, 11:59

      Pretty Woman was a completely different film before a quadrillion re-writes and edits turned it into what we got. I guess a film about drug abuse, sexual exploitation and prostitution doesn't put as many bums on seats though.

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    • lucashoughton

      May 30th 2013, 12:44

      @thedanieljson Yes, its on the Special Edition DVD/Blu-rays.

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    • SiMan

      May 30th 2013, 13:22

      That butterfly effect one is the only versiopn i've ever seen - i always thought the one where he just makes it so she doesn't remember him was the alternate version.

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    • sandravisser

      May 30th 2013, 13:46

      You know of course that that ending from Blade is a deleted scene so they never completed the special effects. That bad CGI isn't what if would have looked at if it had been included.

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    • thelimopit

      May 30th 2013, 15:17

      As I recall, the theatrical version of 28 Days Later begins and ends with the word "Hello", which is still pretty nifty.

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    • aaronfritsch

      May 30th 2013, 18:39

      I am Legend could have ended the way the BOOK did. After all the c**p about staying true to the original they completely missed that mark. He died of lethal injection because Anna regretted letting the Vampires into his house. He was going to be hung for killing so many of they're people. They were evolving to survive in sunlight and he wouldn't join them. He never had a machine gun, the dog was not his and it died, Anna was a Vampire, his wife died, he wouldn't let her be burned like the rest of the infected so he buries her, she comes back, he kills her again. He wasn't in the military at all. He had to learn why Vampires were they way they were with chemistry books. Wasn't responsible for anything related to the out break. Was a Raging alcoholic. Was never trying to save the world. AND THEY ARE VAMPIRES NOT SOME CRAZY RUNNING SUPER MUTANT. Basically they didn't make I am Legend at all. They remade Omega Man instead. Fail.

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    • jezfernandez

      May 30th 2013, 19:54

      An interesting list, but not really "movie endings you've never seen". A lot of these (e.g. Butterfly Effect and The Abyss) are on Special Editions, Directors Cuts or alternative endings on DVD special features. So we have seen them.

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    • Hadouken76

      May 30th 2013, 20:31

      How can John Connor exist let alone be senator ?! No terminator = no war = no one to send back to bump uglies with Sarah Connor.

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    • StevePotter

      May 31st 2013, 2:30

      *Ahem* Klaatu didn't resurrect Gort. Gort was a robot. Gort resurrected Klaatu. Just a minor quibble in an otherwise good list.

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    • JeanieOwen16

      May 31st 2013, 12:40

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      Jun 5th 2013, 20:35

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