50 Movie Sidekicks Who Stole The Show

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    • Bandit1

      Jun 19th 2013, 6:31

      Fun list....even surely it was hard to choose 50 from an almost infinte list of sidekicks in the movie universe. Thumbs up on Uggie and Walter Sobchak! But to consider Spock as a Sidekick....oh, well. Only one big mistake for me is on the list: Short Round! While Sallah was a big plus for the movies....Short Round for me was always very annoying. I almost would call him the Jar Jar Binks of the Indiana Jones series. Ok, you said "stole the show" and not "best sidekicks". Well, he certainly stole the show....

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    • Bandit1

      Jun 19th 2013, 6:35

      ...forgot to mention an addition: How about Buford T. and Junior in "Smokey and the Bandit"?! Classic fun....

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    • StevePotter

      Jun 19th 2013, 8:19

      I love Jiminy Cricket because he sucks so terribly at his job. It's pretty brilliant, because he sleeps in late on his first day, never convinces Pinocchio to do anything, abandons him three times because he felt insulted... The list goes on and on. Really, the only reason he got the job was because he was lusting over the Blue Fairy. He did the right thing in the end, but it's nice that Pinocchio got his wish through his own developing conscience. He didn't need the Cricket after all! But Jiminy still gets a badge? Come on.

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    • alexsowrey

      Jun 19th 2013, 10:14

      This list really needs Eames from Inception, and possibly Faora from Man of Steel.

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    • liamscott

      Jun 19th 2013, 12:57

      Not all of these are sidekicks. And a lot of them who are sidekicks didn't steal the show. Poor list

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    • SiMan

      Jun 19th 2013, 13:14

      Great list. I'd have had Gromit a lot higher. Wallace would have blown himself up a long time ago without him. And Doc the oldest sidekick on the list?? Isn't the Genie in Aladdin a few centuries old?

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    • ajwintersohl

      Jun 19th 2013, 14:01

      WTF, where is Doc Holiday from Tombstone?

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    • mcschulz2

      Jun 19th 2013, 16:49

      No matter how much I love Back to the Future, Chewbacca should be number 1 on this list. For that matter, C3PO and R2D2 should make an appearance as well.

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    • BethB

      Jun 19th 2013, 18:13

      This list is dope. I haven't seen a couple of the movies but I'm glad Rocco & Cato where featured. Of course Doug from Up and Doc Brown are probably my favorites but this is a great list. I'm sure it was difficult narrowing it down to just 50. Great job!

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    • Hadouken76

      Jun 19th 2013, 18:53

      I think Jack Sparrow should have been no.1, the movie was about the romantic leads but then they became more and more insignificant.

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    • Sandman86

      Jun 20th 2013, 8:56

      Fun list! :) My only complaint is the tha lack of Doc Holiday from Tombstone ("Evidently Mr. Ringo's an educated man. Now I really hate him"), and Hamish from Braveheart ("I should've remembered the rocks").

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