50 Movies That Are Longer Than They Should Be

Films that escaped the cutting room floor

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    • StevePotter

      Aug 15th 2013, 6:07

      Are you serious with your suggestion to fix "The Dark Knight Rises"? Skip the entire first act? Hell, the whole problem with the first act is that it's TOO RUSHED. And honestly, just because kids are going to see it, THAT'S what makes it too long? Kids can pay attention, they're a lot smarter than you think, you know. I saw The Lord of the Rings as a kid and LOVED it.

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    • StevePotter

      Aug 15th 2013, 6:12

      And the bit with "Cloud Atlas" really p****d me off. All of the storylines are important, yes, even the "camp" comedic section. Which, by the way, is probably the best section of the film and adds much-needed levity. You can't just cut out any of the stories, guys, I'm sorry, the film requires all of them to work.

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    • miqdadi24

      Aug 15th 2013, 8:36

      this has to be the worst list ever on total film, really disappointed

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    • DanCarmooo

      Aug 15th 2013, 8:52

      This list is an embarrassment. You've taken more or less 50 quality films and slated them for being too long. It's like it was written by a child with a low attention span who can't sit still for more than 90 minutes.

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    • Jimmydelux

      Aug 15th 2013, 8:52

      Matt Looker, is it that you have ADHD or you like 'movies' but don't like 'films'. I don't dispute that some films may be over long or drag but sometimes pacing is the point. Oh, and plot and storytelling are sometimes kept in films on purpose. Zodiac was not a 'simple murder mystery', it was David Fincher making a film about how obsession invades people's lives including his own by showing how the same obsession took over the lives of three different men. 'Let's make a list and justify it after'. I got 20 in and I'm done.

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    • paulwright

      Aug 15th 2013, 8:55

      While I agree on some films (Transformers) I completely disagree with most on this list. To suggest cutting out character development and that we don't "need to know characters that well" shows a severe lack of understanding with regards to narrative structure. Matt Looker, you need to think on. Read some Raindance articles.

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    • JDogg1982

      Aug 15th 2013, 9:25

      I'm VERY disappointed that both Star Trek films are not in here... They were long and it felt even longer watching them! There are only so many lens flares an audience can take!

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    • cleanbreak

      Aug 15th 2013, 9:45

      Good list, but a little overlong "30 most overlong films" maybe?

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    • vincevega

      Aug 15th 2013, 10:28

      Titanic is 194 minutes too long.

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    • davidrobbo

      Aug 15th 2013, 10:46

      Just seems to me like you are listing long films, many of which either did incredibly well with their current running time or wouldn't work with chunks being chopped out

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    • csabalaskai

      Aug 15th 2013, 11:04

      I love Total Film's flicks. This is the first in years, that makes no sense. Maybe three of the movies are longer then it should be, this top 50 is useless :( But again, i love you guys to death, you are the most pro team i've ever read.

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    • Jareth64

      Aug 15th 2013, 12:02

      The Dark Knight Rises was way too long. It bored me rigid. Still a huge disappointment.

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    • craiggilchrist

      Aug 15th 2013, 12:21

      I think the author of the article fails to understand why Lord of the Rings is paced the way it is. It's a journey. It's not about rushing and getting to the end as quickly as possible, you don't listen to a good Pink Floyd album to get the end do you? It's about an experience and taking your time to enjoy what you are experiencing- you've already spent ten hours watching this fellowship suffer the end just blows off steam and it's like a big deep relaxing breath after all these troubles.

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 15th 2013, 12:23

      I disagree with some of these, if the story is rich enough to carry the film, it doesn't matter how long it is. I thought American Gangster ended too quickly, I would have been happy with an extra 20 mins. But yeah, movies like Meet Joe Black bored me to tears.

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    • brandonmp4

      Aug 15th 2013, 12:48

      You can't just put a film in this list simply because it's long, some of these films were perfect and needed to be as long as they were to get the whole story across. There are certain films that are only 90 minutes long, that are still longer than necessary.

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    • WWFC1998

      Aug 15th 2013, 12:53

      MAN OF STEEL? LORD OF THE RINGS? SKYFALL? GANGS OF NEW YORK? DARK KNIGHT RISES? THE PIANIST? ZERO DARK THIRTY? I agree with some of the movies on this list such as funny people and POTC: at worlds end but Cmon !!! This has to be the most stupid AND worst list TOTAL FILM have ever done !!!! these films need the long running time to explain the story and to make it more interesting!!

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    • FBPBoland

      Aug 15th 2013, 13:00

      So the last two Transformers films had a combined running time of 5 hours? That's five hours I could have spent doing better things like cutting the grass with a pair of nail scissors and I don't even have a lawn.

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    • brandocervera

      Aug 15th 2013, 13:08

      whoever made this list f**k YOU, no seriously f**k YOU

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    • BobbyTwoTimes

      Aug 15th 2013, 13:10

      Complaining about the last 5 mins of Braveheart and saying it's too long? And how the f*ck do you trim Saving Private Ryan?? What an absolutely terrible list!

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    • tomkenneth

      Aug 15th 2013, 13:19

      This is definitely a terrible list, sorry to say TOTAL FILM

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    • martinrheron

      Aug 15th 2013, 13:33

      I'm glad you only get to write about films, lest you're ever actually given the chance to "fix" one.

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    • michaelmowbray

      Aug 15th 2013, 14:04

      ... the majority of films that you have listed here you have given 5*'s... WHAT!!! YOU ARE MORONS!

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    • pauldevine

      Aug 15th 2013, 14:16

      I'd cut out the whole of any Adam sandler film, he is the godfather of sh*Te

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    • HughFran

      Aug 15th 2013, 14:20

      I'm sorry but I disagree with a lot of these. For me, if you are immersed in a movie, then the length of it makes no difference. People are obsessed with how long movies are - all I ever hear when I ask people how a movie was, what I hear back is 'it was a bit long'. Too many people with no patience whatsoever. A good movie NEEDS time to build the story and characters and this is especially the case with an epic fantasy like LOTRs. TDKR was not overblown and I appreciated the amount of time it took to bring Batman back because we had to explore Bruce Wayne first. I will also agree with some of the above posts where they mention TF ratings. A lot of these movies were given 4/5 stars when reviewed and I know there are a lot of writers on this website but come on!! At least try to stay consistent! If a movie is good enough, time should not factor into the equation - just sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the ride (unless Adam Sandler is in it of course)!

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    • vincevega

      Aug 15th 2013, 14:53

      thank you Jared64, at last someone not praising Dark Knight... it was boring and about a depressed whingy whimp more than Batman... and more focussing on the vilains. only good thing was Oldman who as usual was amazing.

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    • FBCNorth

      Aug 15th 2013, 15:24

      This list is just offensive to films, what the f**k?

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    • piffle

      Aug 15th 2013, 15:55

      I looked at this list this morning and almost commented. Then I thought it would be more fun to wait and watch the derision rain down and boy I have not been disappointed. Matt Looker seems to think that the best means to improve a movie is to cut out all the characterisation or excise subplots reducing any narrative to the equivalent of a short story written by an eight year old.

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    • kevinjayat

      Aug 15th 2013, 16:15

      I'd like to comment but it's too long already.

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    • waah96

      Aug 15th 2013, 17:33

      I don't like this list. At all. I don't agree with any of these, except Les Mis, only because it's a bad and really boring movie. 10 minutes would be an appropriate lenght for that film. And you're telling me that Pocahontas is better than Avatar!? That Titanic is too long!? The length is what makes the movie. Right?

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    • pmachados

      Aug 15th 2013, 18:23

      "Hey, who cares about characters? I want story!"

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    • bernieleyte

      Aug 15th 2013, 18:32

      WOW, this list is so offensive to so many films. I would say about three of these films actually deserve it, Whoever wrote this is an add addled maniac who only cares for action scenes and who is completely bored by people talking. BAD LIST. AWFUL LIST. I hope whoever made the list reads this, but I fear it might be too long for them...

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    • c2ultima

      Aug 15th 2013, 18:37

      This is a list created by someone who has no business writing films.

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    • andrewkasch

      Aug 15th 2013, 18:41

      Disregarding the fact that the majority of these picks are awful, any movie list comprised almost entirely of titles from the past decade shows that the author knows jack-s**t about cinema.

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 15th 2013, 21:16

      I know all about being longer than average (Sid James laugh) Bwahahaha!

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    • smallscreensavr

      Aug 15th 2013, 21:56

      Zodiac: "It IS sad that Jake Gyllenhaal’s wife leaves him over his obsession but really, we just want to know who did it. And quickly" Nobody knows who did it!

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    • bondelev

      Aug 15th 2013, 22:36

      I agree a lot of films are poorly edited, and some would be better if shorter, but I think at least one of the examples, CLOUD ATLAS, could only be a good movie if it were expanded to a miniseries, there is clearly too much cut out already.

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    • craigjauvtis

      Aug 15th 2013, 22:45

      Kingdom Of Heaven biggest problem was that it was to short! The directors cut is the better film as Rothman forced edits to this film to make it shorter

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    • Desperation

      Aug 15th 2013, 22:53

      Disagree with most of these, but there are some perfectly valid points made. Agree with Zero Dark Thirty. Agree with LOTR: Fellowship, and would also include TT and ROTK. As much as i love all three of those films, there are some areas that could do with shortening. (i watched the extended editions once, never again. completely unnecessary). Certainly agree with Zodiac, that was a mind numbingly boring film. Brokeback Mountain should be included in this list.

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    • Vaportrail

      Aug 16th 2013, 4:51

      Yeah. This list is terrible. Get off your phone and watch the movie. Seriously. Transformers 3, you want the ACTION scenes cut down? In a robot war movie? Not the half hour of job hunt nonsense? Not to mention the "aftermath" of Castaway is the entire freakin' point of the movie. List fail.

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    • Sergei

      Aug 16th 2013, 10:05

      Hey, I've got an innovative idea. Broadcast the movie on AMC in 50-55 minute weekly chunks. Then, find any available forum and social media avenue possible to talk painstakingly about every character's development over that installment and about what you want to see happen next. Rate each 'episode' too. Then you've transformed your over-long film into a golden era TV show.

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    • carlossanchez

      Aug 16th 2013, 16:34

      The problem is you and not the movies, Matty boy. You just embarrased yourself in front of the whole internet. Really, you should start writing about TV shows and not movies. Maybe just sitcoms, because one hour long dramas may be too long for you.

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    • Ardabus

      Aug 16th 2013, 19:25

      I signed up just to comment, it will be my first and last comment. Total Film, you have destroyed your reputation by publishing this joke of an article. You have nullified everything you've ever posted by letting this "article" happen. #50, the very first section of this joke, is The Chronicles of Riddick: it is THE EXACT SAME RUN TIME, TO THE MINUTE as the new Riddick film. Wrap your heads around that one. It took 4 sentences in a 50 page article for this guy to point out how little he knows and that he didn't even bother doing any research. I'd go through the rest of them, but there is no point. We all get that the guy who "wrote" this has some sort of mental disability, but i'm surprised and ashamed that such a decent site would let this go up. Shame on you, Total Film.

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    • shinydemon

      Aug 16th 2013, 20:53

      Wow, this list is very poorly thought out, In fact, I feel that is the problem. It's not a well thought out list at all and your reasoning behind your choices is just sarcastic and lame. A lot of these choices are actually very good movies and the bad ones are just bad movies, not necessarily too long. This article is 50 movie choices too long.

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    • amberwines

      Aug 21st 2013, 15:38

      Your post was too long.

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    • Tommyt

      Aug 21st 2013, 17:27

      A few I'd add: Die Hard: as great as it is, the whole subplot with Ellis & Hans killing him could've been left out. The Thin Red Line: as much as I love the movie, there's way, WAY too much needless narration from secondary characters that was just unnecessary. The Horse Whisperer: saw this for free pre-release & it dragged on and on and OOOOOONNNNNN. Few comments: White Chicks should never have been made in the 1st place. Cut down on the execution scene in Braveheart -- I swear the axe must fall at least 5 times, distracting instead of dramatic. More than a remake of Pocahontas, Avatar was a direct copy of another film on the list, Dances With Wolves.

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    • glenndunks

      Aug 23rd 2013, 6:17

      Apart from EMPIRE - which, umm, it's length is its entire point and it is an experimental film - were films not overlong before 1997? Honestly don't think there's a film from before 1997 on there. Reach a bit further if you're going to do a list of FIFTY films.

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    • essimimovies

      Aug 31st 2013, 1:53

      But how could LOTR be any shorter? It would mean cutting off some of the 20-minute slow-motion midget-orgy on the bed at the end, and, well, that's just crazy talk.

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    • gustavomenezes

      Sep 1st 2013, 5:08

      After reading this list, I sincerely wish I could punch you in the face really hard right now!

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    • pyllyyn

      Nov 3rd 2013, 15:09

      Why skyfall and lotr 1 are in the list

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    • gordonprothero

      Apr 4th 2014, 21:23

      Their are some films I would cut the whole film.

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