50 Reasons We Love Gremlins

Mind that water...

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    • SiMan

      Nov 28th 2012, 13:41

      The Rules - i still don't understand at what point after midnight can you start feeding him again? Is it sunrise?

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    • FBJSchjelderu

      Nov 28th 2012, 13:54

      Loved this movie since it was first released. Whenever I get suddenly exposed to light shining directly in my eyes, I shield them, and go "Bright light! Bright light!" I can't be the only one, surely? ;) By the way, that backlot has certainly seen a lot of use, it's also the town of Grandview, home of Melinda Gordon (AKA the Ghost Whisperer).

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    • smellyhands

      Nov 28th 2012, 18:32

      God I love Gremlins. I can remember as a kid asking my mom to put it oh the vcr and after watching it I'd ask her to put it on again. Drove her mad. Kept me quiet though.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 29th 2012, 0:56

      You just know they will remake it with horrendous CGI. watered-down humour and NO Bathroom buddy!

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    • cynic

      Nov 29th 2012, 3:26

      Gremlins is my favorite Christmas movie. It's the perfect film to get me into that holiday spirit. The first time I saw it I couldn't believe how violent it was, though I'm glad to read that more horrific things were left out. The voice actors were perfect and all of the parts were well cast. The scene where the gremlins took over Dorry's Tavern is my favorite part of the film. The little creatures were cute and playful one minute, viciously murderous the next. Gizmo was adorable, but Stripe is one of the best movie villains of all time.

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    • cynic

      Nov 29th 2012, 3:34

      Another thing: Legendary animator Chuck Jones had a cameo as the man at the mailbox. His character was "Mr. Jones."

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    • SaveFerris

      Dec 2nd 2012, 15:48

      @SiMan That's part of the joke, it's always midnight somewhere. They made fun of that rule in the Gremlins sequel.

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    • xtrmntr

      Feb 20th 2013, 12:03

      Every scene in Gremlins is perfect. "Smokeless ashtray.... man at gas station try to sell me..." Best film ever

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