50 Sexiest Movie Actresses

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    • graverobber666

      Dec 7th 2011, 7:17

      No Ellen Page, Noomi Rapace or Drew Barrymore?

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    • Heisenberg

      Dec 7th 2011, 7:49

      Crappy list, too many average looking women in average "hot" scenes. C-

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    • Hadouken76

      Dec 7th 2011, 10:02

      In what Alice in Wonderland universe do Kelly Brook, Megan Fox and Rosie HUntington-Whitely count as 'actresses' ?!

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    • piffle

      Dec 7th 2011, 11:34

      Didn't we have the exact same list, like, two weeks ago? Or is it just that it feels that way because I'm starting to regret my subscription since it seems to encourage TF to produce meaningless pish like this instead of... oh, I dunno... film articles maybe?

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Dec 7th 2011, 11:41

      5 words Gemma Arterton's a**e Tamara Drew, and no nothing in Requiem For A Dream was sexy! Here we go again

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    • MrDarraghF

      Dec 7th 2011, 13:22

      No Olivia Wilde?!

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    • FBSRaffield

      Dec 7th 2011, 13:28

      Wow... could you guys have been any more predictable? All of the usual "hottest" women with a few new ones to seem up to date. How safe. And btw, Emma Stone was Jonah Hill's crush in Superbad. How can people who know nothing about movies publish on a movie site...?

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    • McMurphy

      Dec 7th 2011, 13:39

      You have twice confused Jonah Hill for Seth Rogen

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    • LadCrop007

      Dec 7th 2011, 13:53

      No Emma Watson?!

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    • Comex

      Dec 7th 2011, 16:48

      For God's sake, I know it's near the end of the year, but would you stop the "50 Best/Most/Worst..." articles? Please? For one thing, there's too many slides and it takes too long to read, especially when the observations and comments are spread so thinly over 50 entries. You have nothing worthwhile to say about 40 of the 50 entries. For another thing, creating a list of 50 (or 100) of anything takes no effort whatsoever. Not many people get passionate about this entry or about something else not making it on a list of 50. Make it 10 or 25 and you'll have to make some hard choices and generate some interesting comments. Just saying. It's not like I run your site or anything....

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    • husky3644

      Dec 7th 2011, 16:59

      I check this website every day for new news and always find my self clicking through these pointless top 50 something or others, i must be a sucker for punishment. I have just signed up to this website to ask you once and for all why you insist on starting the Top 50/100 lists with number 1? Does this not make going through the entire list counter intuitive when you give us the winner first?

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Dec 7th 2011, 17:07

      Echoeing everyone's sentiments on here. These 50 list are getting beyond tedious predictble, full of stupid mistakes, time wasting and piontless. Oh and where's Gillian Anderson?

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    • Murphy0806

      Dec 7th 2011, 22:52

      At least we know what the TF staff do all day now. Google images of sexy actresses. I'd love to know what the salary is for this s**t!

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    • DanRose

      Dec 8th 2011, 0:45

      Jeez, it wasn't all that bad! I enjoyed it for what's it worth... Hey here's another 20 that shoulda/coulda made it on the list: Amy Adams, Sienna Miller, Rashida Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Eliza Dushku, Marion Cotillard, Uma Thurman, Carla Gugino, Anna Friel, Lucy Liu, Rachel Leigh Cook, Shannon Elizabeth, Rachel Bilson, Evangeline Lily, Julie Benz, Sophia Bush, Emily Blunt, Penelope Cruz, Christina Ricci and Helen Mirren.

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Dec 8th 2011, 1:47

      What's going to be the next 50 list I wonder? The 50 worst 50 lists of TF? You've done enough!

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    • Toursiveu

      Dec 8th 2011, 14:44

      Hayley Atwell? Radha Mitchell? Rosario Dawson? Charlotte Gainsbourg? Rebecca Hall? Abbie Cornish? Molly Parker? Angela Bettis? Bryce Dallas Howard? Clémence Poésy? Shannyn Sossamon? Lucy Liu? Kate Mara? Leslie Bibb? Julianne Nicholson? Michelle Rodriguez? Michelle Monaghan?...

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    • Heisenberg

      Dec 8th 2011, 15:38

      Toursiveu i think you'll find that Abbie Cornish indeed on the list lol. But i agree with Hayley Atwell and Kata Mara :-)

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    • QuietLife

      Dec 9th 2011, 12:08

      Right, that's it. That Mila Kunis picture is becoming my wallpaper... :)

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    • Pricey

      Oct 12th 2012, 9:59

      I for one like the top 50 lists. They don't require much thought, good to have up and flick back to while working etc. If you don't like them, don't read them. Literally that simple. Your also not paying for anything on this website, so just be grateful that TF have taken the time to update the site without a charged subscription. Also, JohnJDuffy, ironic comment about stupid mistakes; echoing doesn't have an 'e', tedious predictable doesn't make sense (you mean tediously), and piontless isn't a word (it's pointless). Safe.

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    • khrisp

      Apr 3rd 2014, 6:12

      Ok #12 Kate Beckinsale should be #1 and not even having "Charlize Theron"

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