7 Horror Movie Posters That Lied

Gore-filled one-sheet fibbers…

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    • PadmanForever

      Jul 8th 2009, 20:09

      I can't seem to get my comments to work under the posters themselves, so I'll try here: RE: Hostel; "only blokes cark it in Hostel, the ladies are reserved for horny teenage boy bait to take them into the torture trap. They only appear as victims in Part II." *SPOILERS* Not strictly 100% true - whilst no girls get killed onscreen in the factory during the first Hostel, our hero does rescue a Japanese girl from certain death (before she kills herself later), so it's definitely suggested that girls could be killed on the same site. Plus, if I remember correctly, it's implied that white American girls are the highest costing type of victim available for the sick clientele to select from the torture menu. However, yes, this poster does look more like a generic slasher poster, rather than implying the film's theme of slow mutilation for entertainment. They perhaps should of gone with something demonstrating the array of weapons/implements available to choose from. But I have to agree with using a random not-seen-in the film person's head if they want to include a cadaver, as otherwise surely this would ruin the story or lie even more if the suggested victim didn't die. Better to evoke an off-screen kill to make the point. AND RE: Maniac; Not heard of this one! Sounds like another strange take on/homage to the Ed Gein case (though not much can be stranger than the actual true story).

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