8 Awesome Actors For Mad Max 4

It's official. But who should play Max?

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    • sjsmith88

      Oct 28th 2009, 10:16

      I think it should be Mel Gibson again. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt over the spelling of 'swap' in Tom Hardy's section.

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    • thompson1978

      Oct 28th 2009, 13:05

      If its not GIBSON WHATS THE POINT. may as well just make water world

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    • KamikazeDingo

      Oct 28th 2009, 13:33

      Virtually all those guys are too hench mad max is a hard a*s skinny guy with a bad a*s motor vehicle.

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    • gazw24

      Oct 28th 2009, 15:20

      Whats the point in recasting a part with a newbie, when the original newbie is still more than capable of playing the part, probably better than anyone? He may be a nutjob, and gotten a bit old but lets face it, he's still Mel Gibson.

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    • ADCfilms

      Oct 28th 2009, 19:32

      Mel Gibson is Mad Max. Like Clint, who played Dirty Harry well in to retirement, Gibson has the goods to deliver top notch performances. His age would only endear the audience to him more and make him the under dog once again – one of the things that made Max compelling in the first place. Let's see him kick a*s one more time! One more thing. Christian Bale not mad enough? Are you the only person in the media not to have heard the 'trashing lights' recording??!

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    • Faers

      Oct 28th 2009, 22:21

      As Mel Gibson said playing Mad Max: "I'm the best chance you've got." You wanna make Mad Max 4? You talk to Mel... ...I've got loads!

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    • McClane

      Oct 29th 2009, 22:01

      Mel is Mad Max but to be honest I would be more than happy to see Sam Worthington give it a shot. Or how about Mel and Sam!

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    • MadMatt

      Oct 30th 2009, 13:29

      They artificially aged Mel for the third film, so with the amount of time that's elapsed since then he's actually the right age for the part now, sans makeup. He's got some strange views and may not be the nicest bloke in the world, but he's still a terrific actor. He's the only choice.

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    • frostfacechilla

      Oct 30th 2009, 15:12

      I don't think they need to cast anyone else either...noone does crazy like Mel...it'd be great to see him back in front of the camera for a good ol fashioned actioneer. BTW, should they ever want to make a movie about Saddam Hussain, from the look of Mel's pic I think he could just about pull it off!

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    • mutley

      Oct 30th 2009, 15:37

      in my mind you can only have one mad max and that is mel gibson for good or bad he has made the role of max his own and to give another actor the role is just wrong

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    • thedarkknight

      Oct 30th 2009, 18:21

      So now you hate Terminator Salvation? Make up your mind. This is why I've stopped buying the magazine. It's an inconsistant rag.

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    • buddy

      Nov 6th 2009, 21:07

      typical c**p discussion on the news. LEAVE THE SODDING FRANCHISE ALONE!! it is legend. it is inspiring. it looked real for gods sake. i hope mel is involved in a big way but just cringe on the way even the original genius behind the original films have been persuaded it will work. look how pathetic indy ended up being and the deserved stick terminator had.(from the third one in my opinion) star wars was only forgiven because it was star wars and die hard did the same to it`s history of services the genre. if you need more, PVA. need i say more. they were all s**t. and you know it. stop it. stop it. stop it!!! stop ruining my childhood and faith in cinema!!

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    • buddy

      Nov 6th 2009, 21:13

      i want it to be brilliant by the way. just very nervous they will ruin a landmark in cinema

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    • DanielMcA

      Nov 24th 2009, 23:15

      You're overlooking one significant Aussie for the part - Cate Blanchet. She alway seems f**king miserable and her beard isn't white.

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    • coldub

      Aug 6th 2011, 0:47

      Just watched Mad Max 2 on TV for the last hour and a half. For a movie 30 years old. Still the best of the trilogy. Looking at Mel then in the role and finally seeing him and George Kennedy talking about it. Look at it this way if Harrison Ford could still play Indiana Jones at 66 or 67, then Mel can still play Mad Max. Can't really imagine anyone else in the role really. Only other choice would be either Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Karl Urban, Eric Bana

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