8 Russian Events That Should Be Movies

Inspired by real events...



    • gonzoBen

      Jul 7th 2010, 9:40

      I like this feature a great deal :)

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    • rxqueen2410

      Jul 7th 2010, 14:29

      Agree - pretty good feature for a change. However, it's a bit harsh to ever describe the Dunblane Massacre as "a walk in the park"...!

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    • VincentWire

      Jul 7th 2010, 16:17

      How about the story of Stanislav Petrov, the man who literally had 5 minutes to decide whether the US had indeed launched a nuclear strike, therefore requiring a russian counter strike, after the early alert system had alarmed. Turned out the satellite had mistaken the sun reflecting off american lakes for missile launches and Mr Petrov wisely held off his decision to see if there were more blasts detected. This man's cool thinking literally saved the world. Movie: A realtime Flight 93 type mockumentary. Director: Mr Greengrass (again)

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