Arnold Schwarzenegger talks Sam Worthington & Avatar 2

Would he be up for being a part of James Cameron's sequel?

Arnold Schwarzenegger appears with Sam Worthington in the action spectacular Sabotage, which is out this week.

But that's not the only thing they have in common; they have a mutual mate in the form of Avatar / Terminator director James Cameron.

So we asked Arnie what he thinks of Sam, and whether he'd be up for joining the guys on the set of Avatar 2.

Warning: Once a politician, always a politician - Arnold doesn't exactly admit that he's signed up for the blue-faced sequel in the below video.

But it certainly sounds like he's a fan of Mr Worthington, so here's hoping…

Sabotage is in UK cinemas from tomorrow.  

Do you want Arnie in Avatar 2? Tell us below!

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