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    • garyu2

      Sep 7th 2010, 10:23

      I really wish 3D would go away and never come back.

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    • EthanRunt

      Sep 7th 2010, 12:26

      Wow, this feature really is cack-handed, you praise Coraline, which was completely flat, but despise Piranha 3D, which wasn't a marvel, but made for a fun friday night, which is all 3D should be, a Friday night party event.

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    • HorrorHound94

      Sep 7th 2010, 13:02

      3D is being used so much that it is being killed! It is being used as a money making scam and not to improve the artistic value to a film...

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    • Falamanoo

      Sep 7th 2010, 14:02

      How about a spoiler warning? I was quite happy to learn that kelly brook gets shagged under water in Piranha 3D, but I'm guessing that Jerry O'Connell's er... unfortunate scene, is meant to be one of the highlights/lowlights of the movie. Careless writing. Clash Of The Titans was utter poo though, good shout on that one.

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    • ManMadeMonkey

      Sep 7th 2010, 14:54

      Piranha 3D can't be on the worst list. Sure the titles at the start were terrible but the film itself was a lot of fun and personally I thought the p***s bit was hilarious.

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 7th 2010, 15:40

      3-D should be used for Russell Brand... on EVERY MOVIE PERFORMANCE

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 8th 2010, 4:41

      The only reason Alice In Wonderland done so well was because it was released on Imax right after Avatar.

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    • hulk68

      Sep 9th 2010, 12:42

      Coraline was a brilliant movie and I saw it in 2D. The only good 3D movies I have seen so far are toy story 3 and avatar.

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    • prime43

      Sep 9th 2010, 16:46

      Im sorry but how can resident evil afterlife be a terrible 3d movie if it isnt even out till the 10th? dont say a movie is bad untill you have seen it please total film?

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    • MrScary

      Sep 14th 2010, 18:27

      Friday The 13th 3-D bad??? Are you kidding me??? If you're a horror movie fan, this is a classic. And the 3D is actually pretty good. Not to mention the hockey mask is introduced in this one.

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    • MrScary

      Sep 14th 2010, 18:30

      The best 3D movie I ever saw was Treasure of The Four Crowns back in 1982/83. The story sucked, but the 3D was the best. Can't find it anywhere though.

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    • willow138

      Sep 19th 2010, 3:07

      @prime43 movie reviewers and press go to screenings to review films pre public release. Also Airbender was the biggest let down of any movie adaptation I have ever seen

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