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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 18th 2010, 10:36

      Does The Empire strikes back count as fantasy or it is it too sci-fi? Also no Conan the Barbarian despite being mentioned?

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    • kenzie13

      Nov 18th 2010, 12:39

      This was my favorite movie growing up I'm glad to see it on the list, it was the 1st movie I thought of when I saw this review. ATREYU!!!!

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    • TheChicagoWay

      Nov 18th 2010, 13:56

      Hawk the Slayer should also be considered notable for being quoted in "(I Wanna) Give You Devotion" by Nomad feat. MC Mikee Freedom; "Like Hawk the Slayer I came and quartered, Maggie came but now she's slaughtered". Epic!

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    • pazozo

      Nov 18th 2010, 15:53

      saw 'Hawk the Slayer' on the list and immediately thought of Bilbo :D and Krull for that matter "what I should've said was 'alright, dad, but lets give Krull a try'"

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 18th 2010, 18:03

      Anyone remember The Flight of Dragons? I used to love that..poor old Smrgol! Not available on DVD...boooooo!

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    • Destrachan

      Nov 18th 2010, 18:24

      No Beastmaster?? A travesty, I say.

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    • shep5875

      Nov 18th 2010, 23:55

      Dont slate highlander 2 till youve seen the renagade cut it really made all the difference when you remove studio influence

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    • flippant

      Nov 18th 2010, 23:56

      Perhaps the best decision "The Last Unicorn" made was to use great whopping chunks of Peter Beagle's words directly from the book. Beautiful stuff!

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    • mitchsn

      Nov 19th 2010, 0:37

      Ladyhawk anyone? Rutger Hauer, Mathew Broaderick. Classic 80s fantasy movie

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Nov 19th 2010, 13:47

      Highlander 2 should be a best just for the Remirez's return with the best line ever "what is a s******d?" Classic

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    • Bex1310

      Nov 24th 2010, 13:13

      Woah! Don't normally agree with Winning's comments, but he's got it spot on on this feature! The Harry Potter synopsis especially stands out as one of the most accurate statements about why that film is better than the rest... Also, didn't realise how much of a fantasy film fan I was until I noticed my DVD case shelves a good 80% of the movies described on the best list! Adult or's great to indulge a little kid's fantasy now and then :)

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