Best & Worst: George Clooney

The smooth operator’s hits and misses

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 27th 2011, 10:24

      He was good in The American. Some found it a slow movie but I liked it.

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Oct 27th 2011, 13:52

      I don't think he could have been any better in Batman and Robin. It's a truly diabolical film but he tries his best...

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    • Mings

      Oct 27th 2011, 17:05

      Thought that he was great in From Dusk Til Dawn.

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    • mishterlusk

      Oct 27th 2011, 20:13

      Hey Mings, me too. It definitely deserves to be on this list. Clooney and Tarantino are an unbeatable combination.

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    • pipehitterz

      Oct 27th 2011, 22:48

      i thought collinwood was a great film?

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    • SixStepSamurai

      Oct 28th 2011, 0:51

      @Mings; I can't believe From Dusk Till Dawn ain't on this list. Admittedly, it's not the best film ever, but it's got some quality lines in it! "Everybody be cool... YOU be cool..."

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    • FBEKirk

      Oct 28th 2011, 12:04

      Where's Return To Horror High? That's definitely his best work! ;-)

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    • Stevegray

      Oct 28th 2011, 14:00

      Dusk till Dawn! DUSK TILL DAWN!! Welcome to Collingwood is awesome as well, we need moer Clooney/Rockwell shennanigans!

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    • marc96

      Oct 28th 2011, 21:08

      i thought welcome to collinwood was really good

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    • Haggtallica

      Oct 29th 2011, 14:40

      I had to register with Total Film just to express my absolute disgust how my fav film of all time From Dusk Till Dawn is NOT on this list!! Are you kidding me!!

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    • DanRose

      Oct 29th 2011, 15:23

      He's cool as f**k in Dusk till Dawn and completely changed peoples opinion of him after the stint in ER. Should have been included

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    • BowiePie

      Oct 30th 2011, 23:04

      i can't believe from dusk til dawn isn't on here... brilliant film and clooney just oozes cool in it! got some cracking lines in it too! "Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a f**k how crazy they are!"

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    • peqdavid5

      Oct 31st 2011, 2:44

      What about The Men Who Stare At Goats????? Simple, funny and brilliant!

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    • nkutzler

      Oct 31st 2011, 3:58

      I deplore how you say Ocean's Twelve has sequelitis. It isn't much like the first one: it's hard to be charming with a powerful man after your head. So the gang is less spritely and basically becomes more threatened and problem-ridden, something that happens when everything is going wrong. And otherwise, it isn't lazy because no other film has a premise like this one. The strangest plot detail *could* be that Toulour has such a beef that he risks so much money. The fact that Ocean's men recruited outside help easily showed how Toulour got out of hand with his games in the end. Where the movie shined is the characters, all betrodden by the risk on their lives. The heist (attempts) often showed faults of each character, making the eventual victory a fantastic display of group fortitude. They basically all risk jail for each other, assuming things didn't end so well.. But some great scenes highlighted strange quirks, little bits of writing genius. Linus's struggle with Matsui, the issue with Ocean's age, Saul's reluctant (and truly strange) return to aid the group. Perhaps it's the lost romance angle that gets some people, but overall the entire group is a very strange and close-knit gang, which is the only thing that can make a heist movie interesting. I sometimes wonder if many people out there have given the movie a second chance. I had problems with the movie first time I saw it, but then I grew up.

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    • nkutzler

      Oct 31st 2011, 4:02

      @mishterlusk- I'm not sure I agree with the Clooney/Tarantino work. It was a bit strange and uncomfortable- Clooney wanted to get away with it and kept his charm, Tarantino' s character was someone who came off as very despicable.

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