Best & Worst: Keira Knightley

From pirates to posh frocks

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    • JimTheGreat

      May 31st 2011, 9:43

      You are a d****e. You put King Arthur as best and Never Let me go as worst. t**t! Everyone is titled to an opinion but King Arthur is c**p. Can anyone seriously question that.

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    • Bandit1

      May 31st 2011, 9:56

      I'm not a fan of hers.....but I liked her much more in "The Hole" (why the hate??) and "Love Actually" than in "King Arthur" and especially in any "Pirates"-Movie.

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    • Hadouken76

      May 31st 2011, 10:16

      She gets cast as a posh bird because she is POSH IN EVERYTHING, she has all the range of concrete boomerang. Rubbish for except Pride and Predujice, even that wassnt a stretch..

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    • Firechild

      May 31st 2011, 19:35

      The Jacket? You left The Jacket off the list!Fools!

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    • REDFOX

      May 31st 2011, 22:47

      I Liked 'Never Let Me Go' i thought it was great better than those Pirates of the carrabean films

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    • noodle84

      May 31st 2011, 23:06

      I'm with Firechild, where was 'The Jacket' in this? I thought I'd skipped it in error but apparently not. *sigh*

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    • Callum

      Jun 1st 2011, 9:17

      There's a 'Best' of Keira Knightley?

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    • Igrayne

      Jun 1st 2011, 19:56

      Keira Knightley looks like a confused chimp fighting haemorrhoids and has all the acting agility of a wet paper bag. She adopts a really surprising posh tone and girly simpleton persona in every film she is in, posh Oxford English accent in the dark ages of borderland England and Scotland? Feck off, thank you Penelope Cruz.

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    • mollynoheart

      Jun 1st 2011, 21:59

      strange it's not part of the list but i really liked the jacket.but then again i liked domino so maybe i'm not the best judge!! having said that i don't think i'm alone in the thoughts that king arthur sucked so many fat ones!!!!!she was bland and boring, just like the whole film! that is all :)

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