Best & Worst: Oscars 2010

Speeches, dresses, hosts. We break down this year's event...

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    • Lindz28

      Mar 10th 2010, 11:59

      Good to hear total film is as much a Gleek as I am - can't seem to convince my husband though. The Proud Mary wheelchair routine would be better! Have to agree about Charlize's rose boob dress too. The only one that was worse was Zoe Saldana's can-can dancer/toilet roll cover ruffle thing. Girl crush offically over!

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    • mrbong

      Mar 11th 2010, 10:40

      the biggest "worst" of the last two Oscars has been no Jack Nicholson. the audience looks empty without The King sat front row centre. also, 10 Best Picture Nominees should go down as a really bad idea. reviewing all of them didn't help the "numb bum" inducing running length of the ceremony, and realistically only 3 of the films were really in with a chance. bring back Billy Crystal (pay him whatever he wants to do it) and bring back Jack, watch the audience figures climb again.

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    • jasminaz02

      Mar 11th 2010, 16:57

      I think you got the Sandra Bullock bit wrong-come on,every other actress in that category was better than her. A bit of charm and an accent for me personally isnt enough,I consider it as the most undeserved Oscar in recent years. Other things that dissapointed me: Best original screeenplay-it's the direction that makes the Hurt Locker what is it,the screenplay was very forgetable compared to Inglourious Basterds. Best Foreign film-The Ribbon should have won Best adapted screenplay-I thought Precious was an over the top preechy and full of cliches film,District 9 or Up in the air should have won. 10 nominees-I think this is a desperate attempt to get more viewers,it takes away the prestige of the Oscars,if we only had 5 weaker films like The Blind Side wouldn't get nominated.

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    • namedropper

      Mar 11th 2010, 23:47

      I'm sorry but this is complete rubbish...I'm talking about Charlize Theron copping flack for her dress. I thought she looked absolute stunning. So what if her dress looks like its got a couple of flowers attached to her chest. Damn but get off her back! FFS. Rant over. Ooooh look the Tron trailer.

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    • Nickey09

      Mar 12th 2010, 18:07

      The biggest WORST for me was them bringing out Barbra Streisand for Best Picture, and her making a political issue out of it. I'm female, and I was offended! What's worst is after Bigelow won, they played her off stage with "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!" I thought I was going to vomit!

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