Best & Worst: Threequels

Third time isn't always the charm…



    • Hadouken76

      Jul 19th 2010, 10:05

      just to add a few more... (Good): HP and the Prisoner Azkaban. (Bad): Godfather 3. (Good): Rio Grande. (Bad): Infernal affairs 3. (Good): Lethal weapon 3. (Bad): Die hard with a vengeance.

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    • Gunner1

      Jul 19th 2010, 11:39

      I have to admit I'm a little befuddled by your choosing Alien 3 as one of the 'good' batch - for my money, it was the worst of the Alien movies (with the exception of AVP!) by a long chalk. Even Resurrection was better in my mind. Other than that though, one has to say it's a good list. A few others: (Good) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; (bad) Batman Forever; Jaws 3D; Superman III

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    • Seedorf

      Jul 19th 2010, 12:58

      Some good suggestions from Gunner1. I was going to mention Last Crusade as a good one, and Batman Forever as a bad one, but was beaten to it. :p I don't think Alien 3 was either best or worst. The co called director's cut, was much better than the theatrical release. Although, I think it was just an extended cut, as I'm sure Fincher would have nothing to do with the film after it's release. Shame, classic example of studio bosses sticking their fat grubby fingers in the mix. In an ideal world, Fincher would have had full control over the film. Ironic really, the studio bosses interfere because they are concerned about their investment, that the film will fail badly if they don't intervene, or whatever it is that they do. Yet it did exactly that, had they left Fincher to do what he wanted to do, the flim might have had more success. Got to give credit to the man, he arrived late on, and even with the studio breathing down his neck, he managed to make a pretty decent film, from the wreckage.

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    • Toursiveu

      Jul 19th 2010, 15:50

      Give it a rest with the bashing of Spider-Man 3 : OK, it's a flawed film but bad? I don't think so. It's admirably directed, the action sequences are wonderful, Thomas Haden Church makes for a great villain... It's not as good as the first two but bad? Think again... Best threequel ever ? Die Hard with a Vengeance, who's a real lesson in how to direct an action film. There's no better director than John McTiernan when it comes to mastering the space and thrills in action sequences. McTiernan is the most underrated director ever. And of course, like John Carpenter, he's considered a real auteur in Europe. In Hollywood, he's just seen as another "blockbuster" guy... But his movies should be studied in movie schools. Jurassic Park 3 is a perfect little B-movie, it's lots of fun and some would say that it's arguably better than The Lost World. Now for the worst threequels : Batman Forever (seen it recently, it's lmost worst than Batman & Robin, I had forgotten how bad it is : Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey and Val Kilmer are all terrible in this!), Airport '77, Candyman 3, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, Highlander 3, Jaws 3D, The Karate Kid, Part 3, Look Who's Talking Now, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Poltergeist 3, Psycho 3, Resident Evil : Extinction, Red Dragon, Starship Troopers 3, Stepfather 3, Superman 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, Underworld : Rise of the Lycans and a bunch of straight-to-DVD threequels not even worth mentioning. Best threequel I've seen recently? The surprisingly very good Universal Soldier : Regeneration, a great little B-movie. Best / worst threequels (or guilty pleasures) : the over-the-top Death Wish 3 and Rambo 3.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 19th 2010, 16:23

      Mad Max beyond Thunderdome, thats when the brill creme hit the fan. Creatively stunted studio chimp: "You know a low budget ultra-violent post apocolyptic film needs? Cute kids! Pop singles! Kelloggs endorsing killer bikers!" Lets hope Fury Road brings the pain again.

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    • mattburgess

      Jul 19th 2010, 16:42

      Toursiveu - Yes, Spiderman 3 IS sh*t, I've only managed to sit through the whole thing once since seeing it at the cinema. Supremely awful film. But totally agree with you re: Die Hard 3. It may completely screw with the die hard formula (christmas time, limited location) but was just plain fun! Let's not forget Goldfinger (best), Ace Ventura 3 (worst), Lion King 3 (best), American Pie 3 (worst, but good effort), Once Upon a Time in Mexico (worst)...

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    • Smokinator

      Jul 19th 2010, 17:19

      oceans thirteen was awesome and alien 3 was c**p

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    • jeffamania

      Jul 19th 2010, 23:44

      I have to say Toursiveu (no 4) knows his stuff but guys leave Superman III alone...the movie had its classic moments. It wasnt bad! Same goes for Spiderman ...campy buddy buddy final scence with SPiderman and the Goblin ruined it. Bad - Rambo III, Good - Rocky III, Bad - Jaws 3D, Bad - Rush HOur III, Finally - Good - Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith was amazing i.e. compared to the 1st two movies to precede it

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    • lordgurpreet

      Jul 21st 2010, 18:52

      Very happy to see 'Alien 3' there. It brought back some of the 'one alien, no guns' magic of the first one, had an excellent performance from Weaver and some hilarious, and very British, characters. 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 3' is also a very good threequel. I absolutley despised 'Die Hard With a Vengeance'. John Mclane was at his best when he was a one man army in a single location, as opposed to the annoying sidekicks and city spanning of 3 and 4.

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    • metalgatesolid

      Jul 21st 2010, 22:09

      Please never mention Robocop 3 to me. My friend brought me the trilogy for christmas just gone and he almost wasnt my friend. Number 3 was shocking, the worst film ever made.

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    • pinkdegu

      Jul 22nd 2010, 14:56

      Wait...nobody has mentioned worst= Eclipse? Not the worst of the three, but still...

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