Best & Worst: Twilight Websites

Sites that sparkle... and some that suck

So New Moon finally arrives in our cinemas this week, and your mind will clearly jump straight to getting all the details.

But if you're a Twi-Hard, the web can be a wild and wooly place: since the phenomenon took off, the number of sites has exploded and there are thousands of places you can visit online.

Handily, then, we've done the virtual legwork for you, hunting down the best info, merchandise and more, along with warnings as to places you might avoid.

And yes, haters, we're even catering to you too…



Twilight Lexicon

Why It Rocks:
One of the oldest - and biggest- Twilight info sites out there, the Lexicon was born from love of the books, before the films were even a twinkle in a studio executive's eye.

There is extensive coverage of all four books, plus  material about the entire saga from start to end, both on paper and the screen. You want a brain-clogging rush of facts? You got it!


Twilight Guide

Why It Bites: It just can't compete in terms of information and design. It's mostly a digest of news and other releases.

The worst part is, it's one of those sites that seems to stretch on forever down the page. Please, for the love of everyone, move older info to other pages!

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Fan Sites


Twilight Source

Why It Rocks: It's fun, fan-friendly nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Plus it feels like it connects with fans.

Plus, it's customizable, a nice extra bonus if you're looking to make your experience a little more different.


Twilighter's Hub

Why It Bites: Aaargh! Please… Stop… the music! There's so much going on with just the front page that it often slows to a crawl. Plus the invasive auto-soundtrack just annoyed us.

We couldn't spent more than a short while on this one, which is never a good sign. It's kind of ugly, too.

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Fan Fiction



Why It Rocks: It was voted one of the best by the team behind, easily the biggest library for fan writing about any book/TV show/film etc ever.

If this lot think you do good work, it counts for something. And in a world where quality is rarely the main aim of the scribblers, Awakenings is a well-crafted tale.


Twilia, The Girl Who Waz In Luv With A Vampyre

Why It Bites: Actually, we're still trying to decide it this was a carefully crafted hoax - it's written in such gibberish teen-speak that it cries out as fake. So much so that is was deleted from

Still, someone preserved chunks of it, so go have a look if you need a chuckle.

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Why It Rocks: It suffers a little from long-page-itis, but it's otherwise a nicely designed little site that offers decent news coverage that gets regularly updated and doesn't try to be overly flashy.


The Twilight Saga

Why It Bites: We're going to go a little easy, since it's more of a blog, but it doesn't seem to want to mention a whole lot besides what it itself has going on. There are a few stories, but we'd look elsewhere.

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Cafe Press

Why It Rocks: Cafe Press is a long-established site where people can create their own T-shirts and more.

It helps that they have a lot of talented, often funny people along with passionate fans, so their merch is usually up to a higher standard than most.


Hot Topic Rings

Why It Bites: Hot Topic has attempted to corner the market on Twilight gear, and though it has a few decent shirts, there's also an awful lot of clag to be find.

Repackaging cheap body glitter to get the fans buying is bad enough, but these dodgy-looking rings just scream tacky.

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Cash-In Item


New Moon Soundtrack

Why It Rocks: All credit to the New Moon filmmakers - they've put together a pretty impressive soundtrack for the movie.

We suppose it doesn't hurt to have bands desperate to appear on an album that will fly off the shelves, but scoring the likes of Thom Yorke? Impressive.


Stephenie Meyer biography motion comic

Why It Bites: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… Coming straight from the school of People Will Buy Anything To Do With The Phenomenon, the biography was already slightly odd.

Now there's the motion comic version, which includes narration from a Drac-alike vamp (er… okay….) and some utterly embarrassing work. Just check out the trailer above.

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Official Site


Stephenie Meyer's site

Why It Rocks: All credit to Meyer for providing a regularly updated destination for fans that includes lots of insight into her work (she even published the abortive Midnight Sun chapters after the leak in a classy move) and more.

It's fairly basically designed, but that makes it easy to use (JK Rowling's for example, is flashier, but a little more awkward).


Twilight New Moon MySpace Profile

Why It Bites: Um, it's on MySpace? Okay, that's a cheap shot. Sometimes MySpace gets good trailers. But the pages are awkward and overloaded and the New Moon entry is no different.

Mostly, like most official presences, it's just exhortations to buy stuff. Consume! Obey!

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And For The haters…

Twilight Sucks

Why It Rocks:
Billing itself as "saving the face of literature one anti at a time…" it's a wry, warped source for everyone who dislikes the franchise as a whole.

What could just be a flood of bitter bile is actually an inventive, slick site.

Husbands Against Twilight

Why It Bites: Yeah, it's all in good fun, and has a few good little elements (support groups, anyone?) but if you're not man enough to avoid becoming one of these Twilight widowers, you should be logging off and trying to reconnect with your other half anyway.

Also, the design doesn't scream "blokey"…

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