Bond Month: 8 Quantum Of Solace scenes everyone will be talking about

Start practising your post-Quantum conversations… now!

1. The death by oil bit

We won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t already had the surprise ruined by The Daily Mail, but there’s a death by homage in Quantum of Solace. To find out who’s up there covered in oil, you’ll have to see the flick. You’ll be discussing the Goldfinger nod for weeks after.

2. The Aston Martin DBS Chase scene

Casino Royale may have been a more realistic Bond, but it still found time for a preposterous airport pursuit. Solace will up the stakes by casually tossing this brutal car chase – with added car dust, realism fans – into the pre-credit sequence. Eat that Bourne.

3. Bond falls through the skylight

Head over to the QOS trailer, then scroll forward to 1.23. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Now, hit play to see the coolest stunt in Bond history. Including that bit in The Man With The Golden Gun where Bond’s AMC Hornet does a 360 degree flip.

4. Bond shags Agent Fields

Gemma Arterton was plucked to play M16 Agent Fields from 1500 hopefuls and it’s not long now before you find out exactly why. The character’s a homage to ‘60s Bond girls, which is good enough for us. You won’t just be talking about it, we imagine you’ll be quoting it.

5. The massive eye

You get a glimpse of it in the trailer - remember that massive eye? - this is the scene where James tries to track down Rene Mathis (from Casino Royale) during an evening performance of Tosca, which takes place on a floating opera stage in Italy. It’s one of several nods to Bond’s movie past.

6. Camille takes part in a speedboat shoot-out

Olga Kurylenko has said her favourite Bond girl is Michelle Yeoh and we can see why, she’s the only other 007 squeeze to compete in the action-stakes with Olga’s Camille, who can hold her own in a gun fight, fist fight and plane fight. Which brings us to...

7. The plane scrap scene

Marc Forster meant the plane fight scene to homage Hitchcock and, from what we’ve seen, he’s succeeded. And not just in the retro look of the planes themselves, but in the use of cutting edge camera technology to achieve a disorienting effect – a technique Hitch was particularly fond of.

8. Where Dominic Greene grins like a lunatic

The first post-Blair Bond baddie is all smiles when he’s in front of the public and press; funny that. Mathieu Amalric is proud of the fact he based his villain on our Tony and you can bet that by the time credits roll broadsheets will have already first-drafted a comparison.

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