Can McG Live Up To The Legacy Of Cameron?

What are your thoughts after seeing the Terminator Salvation trailer?

“I’m king of the world,” James Cameron famously quipped at the end of his Oscar acceptance speech for directing Titanic. To most it sounded arrogant, but to sci-fi fans it was hardly news. We’ve been blubbering over his movies for decades.

Cameron’s two entries in the Terminator saga are not only considered classics of the genre, but arguably the best work from one of the living masters of movies.

McG, on the other hand, has no real kudos to speak of. Early reaction to his appointment as Terminator Salvation’s director was met with little enthusiasm.

After seeing the new trailer though, has that changed your opinion? Can McG possibly do Cameron’s saga justice? Let us know, below.


    • captainchod

      Dec 12th 2008, 12:17

      It looks like the film could be quite a good action film, but it seems to detached from the original films it can't really be compared that easily. I reckon it'll be a solid action film, but won't reach anywhere near the first 2 films' status of classic.

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    • NickyC

      Dec 12th 2008, 12:38

      I think it's had far too much publicity and I'm bored of it already. I thought it wasn't out until May 2009. Let's give it a rest and forget about it for a while, eh?

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    • happyharry

      Dec 12th 2008, 19:36

      it probably wont be a classic like the 1st two but it should still be good fun and anything with Cristian bale cant be that bad

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    • BaleGroupie

      Dec 12th 2008, 20:52

      While you can't always judge a movie by it's trailer,this movie just might live up to it.I am a Balehead to the soul,and I know that almost anything Christian plants his sexy a*s on,is going to be great.This man is the template of what a great actor should be.He's gutsy,gritty,ballsy,sexy,and just downright gorgeous!!! He's uninhibited in his approach to a character,he always gives it his all,no matter if it's a high octane summer blockbuster like TDK,or a small indie film like The Machinist.He has to be the hardest working man in show business only second to the late,great James Brown.And like James Brown,he makes me feel good!!!! I think we all ought to give this movie a chance,and not judge too quickly on whether or not it will stand up to Cameron's Terminator movies.McG is a well-noted Director who has achieved some great accomplishments in his own right,and he should be given the benefit of the doubt.I have faith in him that he put together one helluva movie,it has Christian Bale,nuff said.

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    • rorschach

      Dec 14th 2008, 13:49

      The trailer does look great ..cant help but be wary though. McG is a hack.

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    • inspirationfilm

      Dec 17th 2008, 10:46

      Christian Bale as Connor may just save this film! It has a lot to live up to and judging a book by its cover (trailer) is always dangerous! I am going to get hammered for saying this but just watch the spiderman trailers!

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