Cannes 2010: Mark Strong - Red Carpet Interview

On Robin Hood, Holmes, Kick-Ass, and being bad...


Cannes 2010 is just over 48 hours old, and between all the screenings, parties and such, we are actully doing some work - here is one such example, a fine Q&A with Hollywood hot villain property Mark Strong.

Couldn't meet a nicer bloke;

Reckon Mark should get some hero roles? Or is he destined for eternal villainy? Let us know!


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    • weetiger3

      May 13th 2010, 13:48

      Hero, villain...he can do anything. He needs to do whatever gives him more screen time!

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    • AquaMarina

      May 14th 2010, 14:27

      I've only ever seen him be villains - but he does always make a good villain. I'd get confused if he started playing heroes, lol!

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