Cannes 2010: Umbrage - The Big Interview

Sam asks an Irish cowboy vampire to get some girls for him. Fail.


Cannes 2010 has so far had a distinct lack of hot tub action. Not that Sam hasn't tried of course, it's just that he's met with limited success (i.e. no success at all...)

Knowing that all girls like Irishmen, cowboys and vampires, Sam tracked down an Irish Cowboy Vampire - in town to promote Umbrage, an indie vamprie thriller - to help him get some hot tub action.

Here's how it went;

Bit of a fail then.

Umbrage is directed by Drew Cullingham and stars Doug Bradley of Hellraiser fame. It also features a lot of blood.

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    • moviebaberoonie

      May 17th 2010, 12:36

      Loving the big interviews. Russell Crowe was particularly forthcoming. ;-)

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