Cannes 2013's Worst/Funniest Movie Posters

The most shocking one-sheets from the Croisette

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    • tobybenjamin

      May 25th 2013, 8:21

      Mmmm...Sharknado. Pirate Bay here I come :)

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    • FBJSchjelderu

      May 26th 2013, 19:49

      Typos on internet memes, those I've come to expect. But movie posters? Though "Adveture Time" could of course be something else entirely...

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    • FBJSchjelderu

      May 26th 2013, 19:50

      I did mean "Ultimate Adveture" of course... Talk about brain fart!

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    • okidoll

      May 26th 2013, 19:51

      Yes, Sharknado!

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    • Hadouken76

      May 27th 2013, 0:34

      poor. poor John Heard..

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    • geekybaz

      May 31st 2013, 9:11

      Sharknado is Saturday Night SyFy for sure - I look forward to it's many spinoffs "ALLIGANADO", "SQUINADO" and the inevitable "SHARKNADO VS OCTONADO"...

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    • TheDigitalZombi

      Jun 3rd 2013, 11:40

      How many of these are from The Asylum?

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