Casting Call: Stephen King Movie Remakes

Re-casting classic King movies with new talent



    • edwardsmith

      Nov 28th 2013, 22:35

      These are all terrible ideas. I'm glad you write about movies and not actual make them.

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    • deangeoghegan

      Dec 1st 2013, 4:36

      I could not agree with edwardsmith more the list is badly thought out and fails to reflect the sort of thinking displayed in Hollywood casting where the face of the moment is cast rather than the best person for the role. Essentially the names linked with any project will be the names of the top two or three cast members of the last few successful Hollywood movies. Many of the names suggested would not be included as they have not been in recent movies and many are too similar to the original casting choices.

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    • joeypelletier

      Dec 1st 2013, 5:49

      This is really lazy. Mellissa Mccarthy gets cast only because she's overweight and Ian McKellen gets cast in the same part because you can't be bothered to fulfill your own premise? You guys are terrible at this.

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    • dojj singh

      Dec 2nd 2013, 21:33

      out of the list, possibly the shining could be remade, along with the lawnmower man (i seem to recall it was a bloke who used to eat grass, while nekid) but the others are just non starters, although i'm sure herman munster could reprise his role in pet cemetery.................

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