Christmas Crackers - Part Eight

Old jokes, new packaging. The best of in 2009

Part Eight - Cameos, video covers and crap movies




The 30 Worst Blockbusters Ever Made

Huge budgets! Towering egos! Hopeless plots!


20 Jaw-Dropping Pixar Moments

The 'toon kings talk about their hottest shots...


The 30 Greatest Movie Cameos

Hollywood's sharpest scene-steals


80 Awesomely Bad '80s Video Covers

The best/worst cassette classics


30 Killer Movie Opening Lines

Solid starts and the best beginnings…


The 12 Greatest Shane Meadows Moments

The funny, the furious, and the heartfelt...


The 40 Greatest Monty Python Sketches

Cheese, hedgehogs, penguins and - yes - parrots...


The 27 Greatest South Park Movie Star Cameos

Ruthless impersonations, barking guest stars...


10 Things We Love About Where The Wild Things Are

We've seen it. It's amazing. Here's why...

The 20 Greatest Martial Arts Movie Fights

Ong-Bak's back. So here's our top genre fisticuffs...


Have your own favourites of the year? Let us know!

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