Christmas Crackers - Part Nine

Old jokes, new packaging. The best of in 2009


Part Nine- Del Toro, Depp and Dynamite



The 25 Greatest Coens Movie Moments
Sublime, absurd... Hollywood's greatest indie film makers



The 20 Massivest Movie Explosions
Fireworks special! Cinema's biggest booms...


Guillermo Del Toro On Making The Hobbit

The cult director updates us...


The 47 Greatest Movie Cliches
Tricks, tropes and too-tidy plotting



8 Movie Franchises That Could Have Been
We give classic movies the franchise treatment



12 Ads That Should Be Movies
We're gonna need a bigger telly....



The A-Z Of Johnny Depp
Our full guide to a cinema icon...



The Evolution of Ewan McGregor
From money-grabber to Jedi Knight - one man's journey...



10 Cool Family Guy Movie Spoofs
See Peter and co take on Hollywood



15 Dumb Movie Anachronisms
When movie folk get their years confused...



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