Colin Farrell's Favourite Romantic Movie Ever

The New York Winter's Tale star swoons

With his time-hopping romantic drama A New York Winter's Tale hitting cinemas today, we asked Colin Farrell what his favourite romantic movie of all time was.

Did he choose Titanic? Or Blade Runner? Or Back To The Future?

Find out which movie makes his heart bleed below (it might surprise you)...

A New York Winter's Tale is in cinemas now.

What's your favourite romantic movie? Tell us below...


    • Hadouken76

      Feb 21st 2014, 21:31

      Two manky hookers and a racist dwarf, I think I'm headin home.

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    • YTWhitemanson

      Feb 22nd 2014, 18:30

      you two are going to look really sweet when i download you FOR FREE from pirate bay

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