Dear Marvel: Please Don't Make The Avengers!

James White argues against the heroes assembling...


Before I get to the meat of the matter, let me say this: I love what the Marvel team is doing with their characters so far.

Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr and co have made a superb first stab at Iron Man, with what looks - based on the footage at Comic-Con - like an even stronger sequel.

Louis Leterrier put in a solid, if uninspiring effort with The Incredible Hulk, and I'm excited to see what sort of epic, Shakespearian tone Kenneth Branagh will bring to Thor.

Favreau has said recently that he won't be tackling The Avengers, largely because his schedule is understandably crammed.

He's a man in demand after the success of Tony Stark and co. Even he, however, admits that combining all of the various hero characters is a big challenge:

"It’s going to be hard, because I was so involved in creating the world of Iron Man and Iron Man is very much a tech-based hero, and then with Avengers you’re going to be introducing some supernatural aspects because of Thor.

"How you mix the two of those works very well in the comic books, but it’s going to take a lot of thoughtfulness to make that all work and not blow the reality that we’ve created.”

And it's not just Thor - it's possible The Hulk (who may play the villain) and Captain America to boot.

Taken separately, they're like great flavors that work fine. But blend them together and chances are you'll get a vomit-worthy concoction that melts the glass it gets poured into.

And its not just the feel of the film, it's the directors' various styles.

Will they mesh properly, or will they just feel awkwardly bodged together? I'd guess the latter.

Plus, with zero disrespect to Branagh and Joe Johnston, who is working on Captain America, but what if those films are bad?

What if no one wants to see more of Chris Hemsworth as Thor or whoever they get to play the Cap? What then? Marvel has a release date announcement, a great character and some baggage they don't need.

Yes, I'm quite aware I'm saying this without anyone having so much as written a storyline for The Avengers, and that all the problems could be solved by an amazing script that somehow solves the big issues.

But that's an awfully big "if"...

It's a damn good thing that Marvel is being smart about this and taking its time with the film, since it gives the company's creatives types time to try to figure all that out.

The solution is simple: don't bother. No matter how much you think a certain chunk of the fan base is crying out for it, or how much money you believe you'll make if you release it, it's not worth the risk.

Keep producing good separate movies - and develop other Marvel characters who could more easily slide into a team with Tony Stark.

Hell, you've got Samuel L Jackson under contract for about 73,000 movies, why not a SHIELD film?

Marvel's done great work so far. Don't spoil an amazing run with a big mistake because you feel you need to.

Are you excited for the Avengers? Do you agree it's a Hulk-sized mistake? Tell us below...


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    • sowasred2012

      Oct 22nd 2009, 10:09

      I don't see the problem personally. We already saw proto-Cap Tim Roth and Hulk together in a movie - Iron Man slots nicely into that 'world' too, with all the military tech etc - plus, audiences already accepted Hulk and Iron Man sharing the same universe thanks to that cameo. The only reason anyone is getting their panties in a bunch is Thor, and his all his mythological c**p. Personally I never read any Thor comics, my exposure to him is limited to the Avengers series he's been in, but I still think he can work in a team movie. All the director really needs to do is reign in the stuff about Asgard and gods etc, and leave that for his stand-alone movies. The thing about directorial styles meshing, I would hope that whoever they get into direct it feels confident enough to film it in his/her own style, rather than trying to ape what's gone before (i.e. not Brett Ratner). Of course there's a risk it could be s**t, but that's been the case with every comic book adaptation ever. Sometimes it works (Iron Man, Spidey, TDK, X2), sometimes it really, really doesn't (Ghost Rider, Elektra, Fantastic Four 2). That said, this movie is being made by the same guys who gave us Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, and are about to give us Iron Man 2 (God bless whoever decided Scarlett Johansson should be Black Widow), so I have faith.

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    • sjsmith88

      Oct 22nd 2009, 10:45

      Completely agree with this blog. Iron Man and Hulk would work well together I'm sure. I really can't see how Thor will fit into it and keep the audiences believing it. I think even Captain America is a push. Personally, I think that if an Avengers film MUST go ahead. I'd have Iron Man, Hulk, Spidey and Wolverine. Tried and tested characters who would all fit within the same story.

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    • StephenToman

      Oct 22nd 2009, 11:45

      Completely agree except that, regarding Favreau's point about differences in tone, there is a more pressing issue about why it won't work. How do you fit all of the avengers into a 2 hour film without reducing most of them to mere window dressing? Spidey 4 couldn't handle one hero and 3 villains, x-men focused on a few primary characters whilst nodding towards comic faves for the fan boys. Wolverine had Gambit appear any time Sabretooth and Wolvey had an argument - probably just because he was cool. The only way Avengers would work is if they did a huge Altmanesque ensemble piece, otherwsie whose story do you tell? Iron Man's? Spidey's? The Hulk? All of whom already have their own films. Perhaps it would be better to acknowledge the Avengers in each of the seperate films (as Iron Man did) and if the storylines led to an actual Avengers film then so be it. Trying to force one whilst also doing seperate films for each character may undermine the new cine-landscape Marvel has created (or has had created).

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    • mcghater

      Oct 22nd 2009, 14:17

      whoever wrote the article just doesnt get it does he

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    • zodiacspeaking

      Oct 22nd 2009, 20:46

      Maybe avengers as a sequal would work? For example at the end of Iron man 3 he gets recruited into the Avengers

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    • p1gion

      Oct 22nd 2009, 23:14

      read the ultimates, best avengers story ever and makes thor a believable element of the story.

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    • KerrAvon

      Oct 24th 2009, 0:44

      as p1gion says the ultimates was a blatant stab at a dry run for a live action film rather than the cartoons they've made. Besides the thing is with Thor you never knew if he really was the son of odin or just a nutter with a big hammer (at least until the end of ultimates vol 2 that is)

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    • nacton

      Jun 25th 2010, 9:12

      spiderman is my favorite super hero and i really wish he could have made an entrance but hes being played by a chubby kid who isnt right for the role. maybe this is where the reboot could start, with a new spiderman.

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