Edgar Wright's 10 Coolest Movie Moments

Scott Pilgrim director chats cinematic cool

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    • KerrAvon

      Jul 6th 2010, 20:13

      Love the Black Hole

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    • namedropper

      Jul 6th 2010, 20:25

      Where did you pick up some of these clips from? Blimey!

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 7th 2010, 0:43

      Wow half of these are really obscure, i never sat through The Black Hole cos it looked so cheesy..but dayum that endings really bizarre

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    • lump516

      Jul 8th 2010, 23:01

      BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS is hardly my favorite movie, but it had some killer songs on the soundtrack, a lot of them co-written by Stu Philips (who also scored the film) and sung by a very talented singer and actress named Lynn Carey, who dubbed Dolly Read's singing (Carey was also a killer comic actress who played the role of Tuesday Weld's high-school rival in LORD LOVE A DUCK). As for SWEET CHARITY, all of the musical numbers were pretty cool-- the score, by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields, was marvelous, and Bob Fosse, who had been working in films as a performer and choreographer since the early 1950's probably knew more about staging dance for films better than anybody. And the movie as a whole is funny and touching and has a sensational cast--Shirley MacLaine was not as good a dancer as some of her colleagues, but she was a rock-solid actress. For that matter, so were Chita Rivera and Paula Kelly, who played her dance-hall friends. AND they were great dancers.

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