Ghostbusters 3: Casting Call

Who should they call?

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    • palladiosoldier

      Nov 10th 2010, 10:43

      There are 4 good possible nominations in your list TF but the rest are so flawed and obvious it borders on the ridiculous. Jeremy Piven would be good as long as it was not a big screen transfer of Ari Gold. I would like to see him however maybe given the role of Louis Tully. He has shown he can play a mega geek in Old School, lets see him go against form and play a complete oddball, that is even in the new flick. Bradley Cooper is a really good call as is Masi Oka. If your going to cast Jesse Eisenberg though surely he would be better suited to Ray Stantz awkwardness than Egon Spengler's science professor. If I was going to cast a new generation of Ghost Busters though, and working on an age range of 25-35 it would be: Peter Venkman - Adam Brody. Surely the new Ryan Reynolds, he has all the sarcasm and charisma but just hasn't been given the platform to show it yet. Ray Stantz - Clark Duke. The guy has got awkward geek written all over him, or Trevor Fehrman - the best thing about Clerks 2. Egon Spengler - Jason Segel/Stephen Merhcant or for a left field call Kieran Culkin. Great in Scott Pilgrim and could definitely pull off the ultra-nerd. Winston Zedmore - Wood Harris aka Mr Avon Barksdale. He could play the looking for a job to pay the bills guy. Also, he's Avon Barksdale. If they cast these roles correctly the rest should fall into place. Hopefully, the producers can see further past the box office than you TF and not cast nearly as many cliche's. Failing that just cast Jamie Bamber in it and everyone wins.

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    • deedeedragons

      Nov 10th 2010, 11:05

      Just as long as there is NO Micheal Cera or Justin Long I'll be happy.

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    • Hadouken76

      Nov 10th 2010, 13:55

      I dont know...anyone of the male leads from 'Its always sunny in Philadelpia' could play a ghostbuster... they even have a green man! Ellen Paige as Janine, Christina Ricci as a Victorian Steampunk Ghostbuster. Just dont change Ecto-1 into a fancy muscle car or they'll be needing real ghostbusters for the producers!! :D

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    • MightyTallest

      Nov 13th 2010, 17:47

      For me, the only choice for Peter Venkman as a replacement is Dylan Moran. Roughly the same age as Murray at the time of the original, has a similar look (slightly more handsome, infinitely more bedraggled), dry deliver and comic timing. He was even good in Run Fatboy Run, which is unthinkable really... For things that were good with him in them, check out Black Books or Shaun Of the Dead.

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    • gatorguy2004

      Nov 28th 2010, 22:39

      Peter Venkman- Paul Rudd Egon Spengler- Stephen Merchant David Tennant Ray- zach galifianakis or Philip Seymour Hoffman Winston-Charlie Murphy Louis Tully-David Cross

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