Godzilla (2014): 10 Things We Learned At Comic-Con 2013

Gareth Edwards brings the mega-monsters

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    • FilmBuff94

      Jul 21st 2013, 23:26

      I really hope that it is good. The 1998 version would've been a good disaster movie if they just hadn't called it "Godzilla" he turned out to be a wimp! They killed him so easily. Hopefully this one won't disappoint and we'll see him as he should be. Unstoppable.

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    • ERDutra

      Jul 22nd 2013, 16:43

      I disagree: 1998 Godzilla was a good movie. it was entertaining and the action was really good. I´m looking forward to this one, mainly due to PIC 2... Look at the size of that TAIL... I just hope it will not be a devastating disappointment... :)

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    • jonathanmock

      Sep 5th 2013, 14:11

      The 1998 film may have been an entertaining film in its own context) but it junked pretty much everything the defined Godzilla right down to the look of the central character. They tried to reinvent the wheel for the 21st century and failed - one of Devlin's boasts at the time was "in the future when you think of Godzilla, you'll think of our creature..." Bzzz, wrong answer! Whereas the 1998 film seemed overly keen to distance itself from its Japanese origins, Edwards' seems keen to embrace everything that made the original resonate. Whereas the 1998 film presented the creature as irradiated iguana that could be killed with a few easy missile strikes, Edwards' has stressed that their Godzilla will return to being a force of nature and that mankind will be on the receiving end as opposed to the militaristic triumphalism of Emmerich's film. And, more importantly, it seems they are giving us Godzilla, in looks and actions - if the sneaked Godzilla Encounter footage is an indication, this is one scary looking incarnation, but still recognisably the Toho original. Oh and they cast Akira Takarada in the film! That's doesn't suggest bean counting like Michael Bay, it suggests a film being put together with love for the source material. Roll on May 2014!

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