Hellboy 3: 18 Possible Plots

What could be next for Big Red?



    • chrisb1983

      Aug 27th 2010, 12:17

      Either of the first two please! Or a mixture of both :D

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 27th 2010, 12:21

      Im sure Del Toro will pull something awesome out of the bag, he usually does! But will it fall foul of the superhero threequel curse? ie : Superman 3, Batman Forever, X-men 3, Spiderman 3, Blade Trinity ...

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    • dkjm74

      Aug 28th 2010, 5:49

      According to Wikipedia (this would fit in with the animated short set in the artic base on the Hellboy II DVD as well) Hellboy III A third movie is in the conception stages, set to focus on the combat between Hellboy and a brainwashed Archangel that had been held captive by Nazis since World War II. There will also be the return of Rasputin and Kroenen, and the debut of Roderick Zinco. New B.P.R.D Agents include Lobster Johnson and possibly Roger the Homunculus. The prophecy of Hellboy becoming the Beast of the Apocalypse will be fulfilled, and additionally, Hellboy will have to learn to be a father of twins.

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    • Writer6886

      Oct 29th 2011, 3:51

      I have an idea. Hellboy lives in Ireland with his wife and Abe taken care of the twins. On a rainy night a knock on the door calls Hellboy. Hellboy opens the door to recieve a punch across the face. The attacker faints from blood loss. As soon as he wakes up He tells the group a serect organization is after his children stating Hellboy isn't the one to bring about the Apocalypse but his Ascendents.

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