Horror Icons' Top 10 Horror Films

The industry's biggest names reveal their favourites



    • jkoopa

      Sep 30th 2010, 22:20

      wish The Birds got a np.1 slot, it is the only film that scares me every time I watch it

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 1st 2010, 14:37

      I've heard of blowing your own trumpet, but referring to SIX of your staff members as icons would put Miles Davis to shame!

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    • metalgatesolid

      Oct 3rd 2010, 20:15

      Good to see The Thing (1987) in so many lists. Its my ultimate horror film. In case you wondered my top 5, it would be: The Thing [REC} Braindead (Peter Jackson) Alien Dawn Of The Dead

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