How To Be A Movie Animator With Turbo Director David Soren

Building a successful career in the industry

David Soren may not be a household name, but he’s worked his way to the top of the animation industry, having recently written and directed Turbo.

Turbo tells the story of an optimistic snail (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), who dreams of a life beyond working at the tomato plant day in, day out. Specifically, he dreams of being a racer, and gets a shot at his dream after a chance encounter with a nitrous oxide-boosted engine.

He becomes involved with a group of racing snails belonging to a taco truck owner, and sets his sights on the Indy 500…

Soren is familiar with lofty ambitions himself, having started out in the animation department on cult videogame Toonstruck, before landing a job as a storyboard artist at DreamWorks and working his way up to feature writing and directing.

We asked Soren to talk us through his tips for success in the animation industry, and you can follow the story of his career path in the video below:

Even if you’re a tech whiz and story genius, it’s still handy if you can actually draw. As Soren told us, “When directing an animated movie, or any movie really, it helps to be able to be able to quickly sketch out an expression or a pose, or even a composition that I’m looking for, there’s less room for misinterpretation - a picture says a thousand words.”

We asked him to sketch out some of the film’s characters for us, and you can see the results below:


And, he also drew Turbo for us - Vine-style - in just six seconds flat! There’s no visual trickery below, just some super-fast sketching.

Turbo is out now in UK cinemas.

Do you have dreams of working in the animation industry? Tell us below!


    • hannahbanna

      Oct 19th 2013, 20:05

      Being an animator would be a dream. but it just seems so hard to get into and to actually get work. id like to know how they got their first job? id love it that each project would be different, not the same and that id get to draw which is something I love.

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